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Primitive Pumpkins

Most people know that I have a 'thing' for pumpkins
evidenced by my connection with my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkin creations...
but not many people know WHY I like pumpkins.
Cinderella is partly to blame... 
that magical coach made from a pumpkin captured my imagination as a child. 
I'm a Disney kid who grew up miles from the park, members of my family were involved in building it, 
and I just love a good fairy tale! Cindy was always my favorite Disney Princess.

The REAL reason I love pumpkins, however, is my grandpa.
I was the first redhead in our family, and apparently that captivated him.
For the first fifteen years of my life, he lovingly called me his 'Little Pumpkin Eater'
in his soft, gentle voice and with a twinkle in his eyes.

We lost him on the night I went to my first formal dance in high school, when I was 15,
and I'd give anything to hear him call me that again.

Since he can't, I collect pumpkins to remind me of him...
at one point, I had over a hundred pumpkins. [yes, I can say 'hoarder'!]
I've since learned that it's the QUALITY not the QUANTITY that matters,
and I make and keep and buy only the best pumpkins now.

Speaking of 'the BEST pumpkins'.... just look at these darling prim pumpkins!

My sweet friend Angela makes them, and I LOVE them. 

I just had to share them with you as one of the 'Products I Love'.

I adore her choices of various vintage repurposed fabrics
from burlap to feed sacks to muslin, to chenille bedspreads, they are all sublime

Now, I am not a 'primitive' decorator...
but these feed sack pumpkins make me go 'SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!'
They look more industrial than prim to me!
 Just look at these BLUE pumpkins made from a vintage chenille bedspread!
Yes, if your home has blue decor, you should do something original like this for fall!!!
Angie lives in Ohio, and we met in the spring of 2012
when Angie was a vendor in the FOLKbarn at the Springfield Antique Show.
I am so glad we did! She's a single mom with amazing creativity...
and a precocious young daughter nicknamed 'Princess'. I bet she likes Cinderella, too!
 Angie sells her beautiful pumpkins for remarkably reasonable prices,
AND she offers free shipping in the USA.

LARGE $20 - @11" wide and @9" tall including stem

MEDIUM $15 - @7" wide
Set of 1 MINI + 2 TEENIES $20 - @3" and 2" wide

Angie also makes stacks of three in a combo of large, medium, and mini on request,
and her pumpkins also come STAINED or unstained
Angie's pumpkins are limited editions, because of the vintage fabrics she uses.
So the exact pumpkins that you see here may no longer be available...
 To purchase pumpkins like these, please contact Angie directly
 through her facebook page Primitive Folk Artist Lil' Raggedy Angie