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Vintage Brown Fall Tablescape

time for part three of  this 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' TM mini-series!
I'm showing you how to use the same basic elements to create three different tablescape styles for fall.

With a few simple changes, the tablescape shown in my last post will reflect this contemporary, casual style...

Tablescape Inspiration #3: Vintage Brown

What's the same:
glass pedestal, white and cream real and Sweater pumpkins
white ceramic dinnerware, floral motif flatware, white linen napkins
creamy ivory candles in floral-etched glass

What's been changed:
*the addition of the brown/tan colors in the vintage Bingo paper cards, balsa wood baskets
and a wood serving tray makes the white pumpkins pop even more.
*the only silver pieces that remain from the last tablescape are the more contemporary smooth silver ones.
Thank you to all who are visiting this post from Pinterest - I appreciate it!


Vintage Silver Fall Tablescape

 as part of a 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' TM mini-series,
I'm showing you how to use the same basic elements
to create three different tablescape styles for fall.
With a few simple changes, the tablescape shown in my last post can be changed to reflect
this more formal, elegant style...

Tablescape Inspiration #2: Vintage Silver

What's the same:
glass pedestal, white and cream real and Sweater pumpkins
white ceramic dinnerware, floral motif flatware, white linen napkins
creamy ivory candles in floral-etched glass 
white carnations

What's been changed:
*the white cutwork tablecloth has been removed, and replaced with a simple tan length of fabric
[burlap would work really well for this]

*the sweater-covered vase with paper leaves has been replaced with a silver ice bucket,
filled with more dried eucalyptus leaves and seed pods - in a darker brown color.
[i found these leaves still attached to huge branches, 
which had been cut by a landscaping company and left in the planter at a corporate business park.
i snapped off some smaller branches, and had FREE materials]

*the former cut-glass wine and water glasses are replaced with plain glass,
and matching plain glass stemmed votive holders elevate some of the candles.
*under the glass pedestal, there is one ivory felt leaf placemat 
[available at Bed, Bath & Beyond $1.99]

*on top of the pedestal sits a vintage silver tray.
 several other silver serving pieces are added to the tablescape, 
including silver julep cups and goblets that hold votive candles and the white carnations,
and small silver bowls that hold Sweet Sweater Pumpkins with place tags.
This is a nice way to incorporate family heirlooms into your table decor, 
even if they aren't used for food.
the third and final installment of this mini-series is coming on Saturday,
yes, it's an extra post - because there is SO MUCH to fit in next week!!!


vintage white fall tablescape

over the next several posts, I'm going to show you how to use the same basic elements
to create three different tablescape styles for fall.

today we begin with a style that expresses soft, feminine vintage look in a pale palette:
Tablescape #1: the Vintage White table 

white, ivory, and soft tan colors are represented in the linens, dinnerware, natural materials
and decorative accessories.

branches of dried eucalyptus leaves are used for the centerpiece, 
paired with leaves cut from vintage paper.
in this case, the paper is vintage sheet music - 
you can find my tutorial to make these leaves HERE.
the leaves are placed in a weighted vase, which is covered with a creamy and soft sweater sleeve.
the vase is placed on top of a cake pedestal in the center of the table.
an assortment of both real and handmade pumpkins in white and ivory colors 
gather around the vase and under the pedestal.
a few extra leaves and white carnation blooms are placed throughout the arrangement.
candles in white and soft ivory are placed around the centerpiece
[not too close to the dried leaves and cotton sweater pumpkins!]

another vintage touch is the addition of glass canning jars, with votive & tealight candles on top
you could fill the jars with white beans, seeds, or other natural materials 
to coordinate with the color palette if you wanted to.
the dinnerware for this setting is white ceramic, the vintage flatware has a floral design,
and the linen is a vintage embroidered tablecloth and damask napkins. 
a soft tan napkin would look lovely in this arrangement, as well.
 as shown in my last tablescape, the coffee cup is used as a place marker holder - 
and the take-home gift of a small Sweet Sweater Pumpkin nestles in the cup, as well.

stay tuned for my next post, and watch this tablescape change!


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to This Party...

 the alternate title that I was considering for this post was 
'when plan A turns into plan B turns into plan C'
because the point of this post would be when you plan your decor for a party,
plan for a last-minute change in case of unforeseen events
(rain on the day of an outdoor event, for example)
and then plan for any other casualty that may occur however remote the possibility.
in other words: be ready to think on your feet!

the table decor shown in my last post
was designed for a guest list of seven, for a brunch to be held indoors.
so a large table to fit all of the guests and a long, low centerpiece was plan A.

recap: plan A illustrated below:
yep, that was the plan.
until two of the guests cancelled.
ok, no problem...
actually, it was more than fine because hosting a smaller group 
meant that the brunch could be held outdoors on the patio.
all of the same planned elements could be used for the table setting,
with a few adjustments...

cue plan B:
the planned centerpiece goes from being long and low 
to being arranged on an ivory china pedestal in a round configuration, 
adding height to the center of the round table now being used. 

removing the darker green/gray pumpkins and leaves from the plan A centerpiece,
 and using only the pale ivory and warm spice tones for the pumpkins and gourds and leaves,
made the arrangement more simple -
which is smart when being used on a smaller table.
the place settings remain the same -
except the decision is made to serve Champagne instead of red wine,
so the bowl wine glasses change to flutes.
as planned, place cards are simple manilla tags tied to coffee cup handles.
mini pumpkins sit in each cup, and the napkins slip through the cup handles.
the guests were a bit delayed, so brunch became a late lunch.
fortunately the menu was quiche and salad, easy to hold over.
the weather was warmer than planned for, 
but other than that it was a lovely and relaxing autumn afternoon!

sometimes, you just can't know what might happen...
a little extra preparation makes it possible to tweak the plan and come out looking like a pro!


fall tablescape: spice it up!

some eye candy to inspire you for fall...  
this spicy autumn palette is perfect for a fall gathering of any kind...
simple elements combine for a low centerpiece that doesn't impede dinner conversation
and candles on two levels add warmth to the setting
[ always use unscented candles at the table,
 so that the scents and flavors of food and wine are not altered ]
use a coffee cup as a napkin and 'place card' holder to save space!
making your place cards a take-home treat is a thoughtful gesture -
and it can be as simple as a mini pumpkin [or - dare I say - a Sweet Sweater Pumpkin! ;0) ]
the large leaf placemats under the centerpiece are cut from felt
[ available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $1.99 each! five colors ]



debuting today is the new BROADWAY+THRESHER website and blog

this new publication (premiers in 2013)
will focus on the blend of urban sensibility and rural lifestyle
exploring the cutting edge of architecture, art, fashion, food and artisanal manufacturing 
and the untold stories of the people who have made it possible.

this publication was developed by a talented and hardworking team of writers 
whom I have had the pleasure to meet and work with on another publication:
David Gobeli and Andrew Kohn.
their staff of expert curators and contributing writers reflect the diversity of city-meets-country style.
this promises to be a sophisticated rural perspective like nothing you've seen before.

it's literally a crossroads of downtown and down home
this vintage street sign was the inspiration for the magazine's name...
head over to their website to read the whole story!

NOV 14: a guest blog post by 
Debi Ward Kennedy of HOMEWARDfound Decor

Also in November, a guest post by BROADWAY+THRESHER 
here on HOMEWARDfound