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Vintage Silver Fall Tablescape

 as part of a 'Fast, Cheap, & Easy' TM mini-series,
I'm showing you how to use the same basic elements
to create three different tablescape styles for fall.
With a few simple changes, the tablescape shown in my last post can be changed to reflect
this more formal, elegant style...

Tablescape Inspiration #2: Vintage Silver

What's the same:
glass pedestal, white and cream real and Sweater pumpkins
white ceramic dinnerware, floral motif flatware, white linen napkins
creamy ivory candles in floral-etched glass 
white carnations

What's been changed:
*the white cutwork tablecloth has been removed, and replaced with a simple tan length of fabric
[burlap would work really well for this]

*the sweater-covered vase with paper leaves has been replaced with a silver ice bucket,
filled with more dried eucalyptus leaves and seed pods - in a darker brown color.
[i found these leaves still attached to huge branches, 
which had been cut by a landscaping company and left in the planter at a corporate business park.
i snapped off some smaller branches, and had FREE materials]

*the former cut-glass wine and water glasses are replaced with plain glass,
and matching plain glass stemmed votive holders elevate some of the candles.
*under the glass pedestal, there is one ivory felt leaf placemat 
[available at Bed, Bath & Beyond $1.99]

*on top of the pedestal sits a vintage silver tray.
 several other silver serving pieces are added to the tablescape, 
including silver julep cups and goblets that hold votive candles and the white carnations,
and small silver bowls that hold Sweet Sweater Pumpkins with place tags.
This is a nice way to incorporate family heirlooms into your table decor, 
even if they aren't used for food.
the third and final installment of this mini-series is coming on Saturday,
yes, it's an extra post - because there is SO MUCH to fit in next week!!!


  1. So stunning Deb...I love the mix of natural colors and elements with the silver shine!

  2. These little pumpkins just look so soft and cute! I want them all. :)