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tutorial: make faux succulents from ribbons

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as i've been scouring my house for crafting / decorating supplies during quarantine,
i've unearthed a LOT of stuff that i had forgotten about!
case in point: a tin container of multicolored ribbons shoved in a box.
i pulled them out, separated them by color, and looked at the pile of green ribbons
with an eye toward using them somehow in the new guest room decor.

nothing immediately came to me UNTIL i walked outside that evening to water our plants.
i looked over at a galvanized bucket filled with succulents and BING! 
bells started ringing in my head.

a nice 'play' session ensued, where i messed around with paper, scissors, and glue
to combine with those ribbons and turn them into a decor element.
once that was done, i attached them to something already in the room -
and i really like the way this one turned out!

continue reading for the before, during, after, 
AND a tutorial to walk you through making your own faux succulents from ribbons!


painted ceramic vases = faux cacti!

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ideas for decorating with succulents and cacti have taken over my brain!
i've been sharing all of the details of projects completed as part of a recent
no-cost makeover of our guest room, giving it boho style,
and i hope you've been finding some inspiration for projects of your own!

the bowl of faux succulents/cacti shown above reveals another one, and it's SO easy. 
continue reading to see the before & after transformation...


scrap paper cacti wall art

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this project was a really fun one... 
it's one of those 'paper, scissors, paste' crafts that always make me feel like i'm back in school.

simple materials and process combine to create a nifty piece of wall art
that ended up NOT on a wall at all... 

continue reading for the details and a quick 'how-to'!


garden junk in the bathroom?!

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you can't give a guest room a new look without foofing up the guest bath, too...
i completed that task using things i had on hand in a new way, and it didn't cost a cent!

one of the projects i completed for this quick makeover 
was a variation of something i've done before with a certain piece of junk.
the other was painting some fun and funky faux cacti - using a pretty unusual material. 

continue reading to see more!


sweater + pool noodle faux cacti tutorial

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the inspiration for these fun and funky faux cacti
began last fall with the design and creation of my Original Sweet Sweater Succulents.

when i recently decided to create new decor 
with a boho modern vibe, 
succulents were definitely a big part of the design... faux succulents, that is.
so i came up with yet another way to use my bottomless supply of sweater remnants:

pair a sweater sleeve with a simple pool noodle, and you've got taller cacti!
boho, boho style, crafting, sweater crafts, sweet sweater succulents, pool noodles, cacti, succulents, diy, decorating, home decor, sweaters, repurposing, upcycling, tutorial
i used the new version in this basket under the side table in the recent guest room makeover,
paired with some of the previous versions (made like my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins!).

this is a really 'fast, cheap & easy' craft project to complete using scraps -
continue reading for a simple tutorial to help you make your own...


faux succulent wreath & wall decor

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 when it came to wall art in our newly 'refreshed' guest room, 
i re-thought the currently hot trend of 'basket groupings' on walls
and went with a grouping of repurposed rusty metal items instead.
resembling woven baskets, they give the room a 'boho' feel - in a unique way.

my take on 'modern boho style' is less earth-child hippie and a bit more mid-century in feel.
and there's a reason for that:

during my sophomore summer, one of my jobs was selling imported baskets at the swap meet -
it was a hot, sweaty, physical job that a friend and i did every weekend all summer long.
we had to drive a junky old 'three on the tree' van to the drive in, unload it,
set up displays of the baskets, and then sit there all day convincing people to buy them.
then we had to load up anything that didn't sell. it was exhausting.
the only redeeming quality of it was the paycheck and spending time with my friend.

so now i have an aversion to baskets being used as they were back then! (the late 70's)
i like this solution... and just wait until you get a closer look at those succulents!

continue reading to see all of the details and 'how-to's'...


no-cost diy boho guest room decor

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my home is basically a laboratory. a design 'test kitchen' of sorts.
every space is fair game for me to try out ideas, 
without worrying whether or not they'll work. if not, i try a new approach!

recently i had some ideas for some new decor that would bridge summer into fall,
with a bit of a 'modern boho' vibe. 
i just wasn't ready to remove all of the fun tiki style details
that we are enjoying in our main living spaces this summer.
so i took a peek into the guest room... and found a willing volunteer.
this room has been the same for four years, and it's long past time for a refresh!

i got to work and created a buncha' new projects, then restyled the room in a day.
i used what i have on hand here at home, so a whole new look didn't cost me a cent.
(all of those projects will be getting the spotlight in upcoming posts)

continue reading to see the before, during, after - and all of the details!


repurposed wood crate entry decor

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decorating with succulents and cacti is a hot design trend right now...
these easy-care, high-impact plants are making appearances 
in mod boho bedrooms and rustic farmhouse dining rooms,
as well as on back decks & front porches everywhere.

last summer, i was inspired by a very creative display idea at a store, 
so i re-created a budget version of it in our front entry, using succulents.
i never shared this project in a blog post, so it's time to make up for that.
(plus, it ties in beautifully to a whole new series of posts i'm prepping for August!)

continue reading for the details