Summer Kickoff: Red, White & Blue

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 over the years i've shared so many 'fast, cheap & easy'TM tips for decorating...
and my faves are always the party themes!

the 'official' start of summer is on the horizon! 
don't you agree that summer parties should be EASY to pull together? 
uncomplicated? fun? whimsical? and inexpensive? i thought you would! 
so let's use stuff we already have - nothing precious or expensive, just simple.

continue reading for one of my easiest centerpieces EVER - plus a few helpful tips...


Tiki Punch!

mid-century modern. contemporary, vintage, kitsch, tiki bar, backyard, home decor, diy, wood, trellises, painted, makeover, homewardFOUND decor blog
this recent project in our backyard makes me feel like we're time-traveling back to the sixties!
mid-century modern. contemporary, vintage, kitsch, tiki bar, backyard, home decor, diy, wood, trellises, painted, makeover, homewardFOUND decor blog
remember these guys? 
these Tikis were in Mom & Dad's backyard for over 20 years, and i featured their first 'makeover'
as part of my 'Thrifty Weekend Makeover' series here on the blog a few years ago.
(that post is really gettin' hits right now because of the 'one step bamboo fence makeover tip' in it!)

well, we saved those tikis when we moved to the new house
but we didn't think we'd use them... except for a party, maybe.
here in the desert /wine country, it just seems out of context to have Hawaiian decor.

then i saw some photos from Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Week.
and an idea came to mind for an area of our backyard that needed a little punch.

... keep reading to see how i created some TIKI PUNCH!


the Grass Is Greener...

artificial turf, fake grass, backyard, landscaping, water conservation, water-smart, grass, yard, low-maintenance yard, easy landscape solutions
...when it's faux!

because we live in a dry desert climate here in SoCal, we work hard to conserve water.
(which cracks me up, having lived north of Seattle for 18 years with more water than i knew what to DO with!)
one of the things we've done to keep our consumption down
is the choice to install artificial turf when designing our backyard.
the color is perfect all year long, there is NO maintenance - just picking up a few tree leaves and rose petals,
and because all of our landscape plants are on a drip system, no one else needs to come back here.
it's our own private oasis!

continue reading to see how i used faux turf to solve a few challenges...


Orange Crush

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one of the best things about decorating with a neutral palette is flexibility...
it's easy to add in a vibrant new color accent each season, to bring new energy to rooms.
adding in fresh accessories affects your rooms like an exclamation point!

here in the home i share with Mom, that accent color is most often orange.
Mom once painted the front door of my childhood brown and white tract house bright persimmon,
and planted marigolds in matching wood planters on the front porch...
it shocked the neighbors, but delighted me! i thought Mom was a genius! (i still do)

she's basically had a crush on orange for most of her life - it's a happy color! - so it works for us.

there's a secondary hallway in our home, and it's dark. even with a window at the end, it's just dreary.
it has needed a touch of warmth and light and color. of course, i figured that it would be orange!
and when i saw THIS on Pinterest, i knew it was the solution...

continue reading to find out what inspired me!


Mother, May I?

ok, friends, Mother's Day is this coming Sunday!
here are some easy and creative last-minute ideas for your celebrations...

continue reading to see all of my Mother's Day posts!


Home Decor #MAYkeover How-To!

I think you guys might be convinced that doing your own makeovers is hard. and expensive. 
and that perhaps it's just tooooooo much for you to try. 
I really want to dispel those doubts, and show you how to get started -
because it's all about USING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!

in May, 2014, there was this #MAYkeovers hashtag 'thing' going on all over social media,
so I used it on my blog posts back then (see my #MAYkeover post round-up hereand 
you've made those posts some of the most popular here on homewardFOUND - let's revisit them!

continue reading for my 'how to' tips for your OWN free makeover...


When In Doubt, Paint It!

galvanized, paint treatments, krylon spray paint, hammered finish paint, painting, decor makeover, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, home decor, flower vase
when in doubt, paint it! that mantra has served me well for most of my life.
when something doesn't *quite* fit the plan or the design scheme,
paint sweeps in to save the day - and MONEY!
this project is a perfect example of how a quick change of color can make all the difference
between the dreaded 'keep or toss' decision.

continue reading to see how paint transformed and saved a leftover...


May Day 'Posie Pails'

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this project, my friends, is a real 'blast from the past'...
not only did i paint hundreds and hundreds of my tin can pails for years,
but i also created this idea using seed packets as artwork for a simple DIY version...
and shared it here on homewardFOUND waaaaaaay back in 2013! yes, FIVE years ago!

with May Day coming up in a few days, 
i thought this was a good time to bring this fun and simple project back into the spotlight.

...continue reading for my easy tutorial to make what i am now calling 'Posie Pails'!