a tasty Thanksgiving tablescape...

I've been sharing all of my archived Thanksgiving tablescape posts on fb and IG
in my #21daysofinspiringthanksgivingtables series...
and as I came to the last few days of the series, I realized that I was short a post! 

 so today, as I enjoyed the cooler fall weather that's finally arrived,
I pulled out my steadfast white china and mixed it up with a few other things on hand 
to create a new look for you!
(you've seen that white china a lot, for years now, 
because it works for EVERY season and I can change it up in a million ways) 
inspired by this centerpiece that I created last month on our dining room table, 
there are lots of soft natural hues and textures along with the warmth of a persimmon color for fall:
the centerpiece sits on a length of raw linen fabric that I've held onto for TWO decades.
I found the vintage linen napkin that matches it's tone PERFECTLY... three days ago!
they blend beautifully with the wood tones of my beloved farm table.
(remember when I whitewashed it?)
i love the finish on it now!
the punch of color comes from the ceramic dishes in a soft persimmon color,
paired with my white china to set them off.
there are three patterns, so the effect is one of layered textures.
my Mom's glassware is a peachy-orange color that coordinates well,
and the gold flatware is a warm touch perfect for autumn.

I hope this series is giving you some ideas for your own holiday table!


a holiday shop hop!

there's a holiday 'shop hop' comin' to my area,
and the store where my homewardFOUND shop has taken up residence
is participating!

If you're in Southern California, it's pretty simple:
On December 2, come to Lake Elsinore, CA - just about an hour north of San Diego and 
just MINUTES from Temecula Wine Country (wink wink) - 
and visit the four stores participating in this event:
Needful Things Addiction  . 115 West Franklin Street @ Main Street
Moras Antiques . 142 North Main Street
Off Main Street Vintage . 119 West Peck Street
The Mindful Lotus . 1 Main Street 

At the first store you visit, pick up a punchcard, 
then present it in each store for tasty treats, special offers, and to get the card punched.
When you've visited all four shops and have a full punchcard,
drop it in the raffle box at the last shop you visit to be entered in drawings - 
you could win BIG with gift certificate and merchandise giveaways!

While in Lake Elsinore that day, don't miss Winterfest in old town...
where they'll be filling Main Street with SNOW for the festivities from 4 to 9 PM!

I've just returned from a shopping spree in central & northern California, 
and OH MY do I have some happy holiday vintage goodness for you!
(head over to the homewardFOUND facebook page to see sneak peeks!)

I'll be making some sweet things, as well, 
and will be decorating and stocking up my Room #1 with Christmas goods
before Thanksgiving and then AGAIN before this event on Dec 2...

You do NOT want to miss this!
Save the Date !.
and follow Needful Things Addiction on facebook for more info!

(feel free to share these images, too!)


a happy holiday is on the way!

I know we're right in the midst of Thanksgiving prep, my friends,
but I just found something that I couldn't help but share!

I've been hunting and gathering and making all kinds of happy holiday goodies
that will be making their way into my little shop in Room #1
inside the Needful Things Addiction Marketshoppe in old town Lake Elsinore, Ca.

sneak peek alert:
just a few of the sweet vintage treasures that I've found...
there's ever so much more, but some things need to stay secret ;) 

and as soon as I opened up a big box in the garage and saw what was in it,
I just knew that some of you would be really happy...
because my original Sweet Sweater Snowmen will be headed to the shop!
yep, I found all of these guys.
and some BIG guys.
and some Sweet Sweater SnowBABIES, too!

these are perfect for your holiday decor & gift giving, 
because they work as decor well into February!

my holiday wares will be headed into the shop for Thanksgiving weekend
and an upcoming Dec 2 event in our store... stay tuned for details SOON!


hello, November...

it's finally starting to cool off here in California...
the sky seems bluer with puffy white clouds floating by (no rain yet)
and tawny gold grasses & leaves are as close to 'Autumn Splendor' as we get -
but it's beautiful!

with Thanksgiving just THREE WEEKS away,
it seems everyone is nesting and preparing for holiday gatherings with friends and family.

you'll find lots of inspiring ideas here at homewardFOUND,
for budget-friendly, creative Thanksgiving table and home decor
that will help you make your home a cozy nest to share this fall... 

just click on the 'Autumn' tab in the sidebar
or search 'Thanksgiving' (top left)

don't miss my 15 Thanksgiving Tablescapes post (also in sidebar)

and of course, don't forget that you can SHOP homewardFOUND
in my very real brick & mortar shop in Southern California!


happy halloween...wine...whatever!

whatever you're dressing up as (including as yourself),
wherever you're going (including to a comfy chair at home)
and whatever treats you prefer (including WINE!),
i hope you and yours have a happy and SAFE Halloween!

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