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Sing With Me: "In Summer!!!!"

SUMMER is here!
Enjoy every relaxing minute with my ideas for using what you already have on hand 
to create Summer Style in your home every day...

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Thank you again for visiting HOMEWARDfound Decor,
 and have a fabulous Summer vacation!
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Spring Posts

Spring is on its way!
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Happily Ever After...

In every good story, there comes a pivotal point where the heroine has a clear revelation. She finally sees the truth of a situation, or the truth about a person, and she makes up her mind to change her approach and take a new tact. In fairy tales, the heroine is often set up by a villain, and rescued by a hero. 

Well, I'm the heroine AND hero in my own story, and the situation that I am in is one that I created. So now it's up to me to find my way out of it... to take a new tact...

The Plot Thickens... click to read more!


The Art of Words

I gave up making New Year's resolutions a long time ago.
Instead, I choose one word at the beginning of each year, 
a word that will serve as a meditation, a 'touchstone' if you will, 
that helps me to focus on something that will guide me through the year.
It's about the overall concept instead of the individual steps to a goal.
[While resolutions just seem to feel like never-achieved, guilt-inducing lists]

In previous years my words of choice have included create, faith, patience, joyembrace...
positive qualities and defining characteristics that I have wanted to put into practice.
(one year it was honestly 'survive', because that's all I dearly wanted to do...)

This year, the word that I chose was inspired by a friend...

click 'continue reading' for my Word of the Year!


Into the Pale : A Neutral Palette

vintage antique repurposed neutral decor
I've heard a lot of people saying the same thing lately...
"Once the tree and the holiday decor comes down, it looks so EMPTY!"
Well, maybe I'm weird, but I kinda' LIKE the cleared-out spaces!

To me, this is the perfect time of year to do a nice, thorough cleaning
and a refresh of our rooms so that we start the new year with a 'clean palette'.

I took that idea to the nth degree this year

and pulled all of the orange accent color OUT of the house.
I packed it up and put it away, leaving only the neutral background - 
and the result is a soft, cozy, warm, 'cashmere' feeling in the house!
It's perfect for winter, and a nice visual rest from all of the holiday excess.

and the best part? it wasn't even hard to do...

click 'continue reading' for the before and after!


Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year, everyone!
I'm ALMOST done taking down the Christmas decor...
which means I can then do some freshening up of our home for 'winter'
(a relative term here in Southern California, I know)

There will be a blog post coming later this week with some photos of what I am up to, 
but for now I thought I'd pop in to remind you that 
you'll find SO MANY ideas here in the blog archives for warming up your rooms!

See you soon - stay warm!

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