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The Art of Words

I gave up making New Year's resolutions a long time ago.
Instead, I choose one word at the beginning of each year, 
a word that will serve as a meditation, a 'touchstone' if you will, 
that helps me to focus on something that will guide me through the year.
It's about the overall concept instead of the individual steps to a goal.
[While resolutions just seem to feel like never-achieved, guilt-inducing lists]

In previous years my words of choice have included create, faith, patience, joyembrace...
positive qualities and defining characteristics that I have wanted to put into practice.
(one year it was honestly 'survive', because that's all I dearly wanted to do...)

This year, the word that I chose was inspired by a friend.
My Aunt Diane is not actually related to me... she's more of an 'honorary aunt'.
She and my Mom have known one another since they were toddlers back in the 1940's.
Diane has always been in my life. So were her parents, friends of my grandparents.
And my Aunt Diane is a woman with qualities and characteristics that I find inspiring...
from her nurturing way of reaching out to those in pain (she was a nurse)
and her sense of adventure and openness to life
to her ready smile and contagious giggle, 
the woman embodies joy and charm and ease, 
always looking at life through those proverbial rose' colored glasses.
(no, that is not a typo. I did mean rose' wine.).
She is, in a word, bubbly.

And I decided that I want to be more like her.... so my Word for 2017 is bubbly
I chose this word for other reasons, too...
like the fact that after a few really hard years, it's time to stop grieving and start celebrating.
Celebrating life in ways from small to large, simple to overboard, every day.
Focusing on the good, the happy, the possible, the joyful.
And how better to celebrate with than the imagery of champagne?!

I like having my word around me, as a reminder of my mindset goals, 
so I created a few pieces of up-cycled art with the word bubbly on it...
words in art are a trend right now, and I like the playfulness of it.
I created simple things that didn't take much time at all:

* vintage book pages with my word and the year written in freehand script, 
one displayed on a vintage clipboard.

* a canvas from a thrift store, covered in vintage paper and then embellished with a sketch.
I am actually still working on this one...

* I didn't make it recently, but the galvie bucket with the 'bubbly' label 
is a former creation that I am going to replicate soon.

Along with the word bubbly, I've incorporated some 'symbolic' bubbles into the decor...
like these clear ornaments that I heaped into a clear vase because they look like... well, bubbles!

I'll share more about that (and the ways that I re-used those vintage paper flowers
that I created for our Christmas decor this year) in an upcoming post!

If you were to choose one word to focus on this year, what would it be?
Leave me a comment and tell me your story!

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PS: I am a writer, a reader, and a girl who loves words.
You might have guessed that from my talkative posts ;) 
I keep trying to shorten my ramblings, to offer more photo content than words,
but it fails me every time. I just can't help it!
So I guess you're stuck with me storytelling here on the blog - 
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Into the Pale : A Neutral Palette

vintage antique repurposed neutral decor
I've heard a lot of people saying the same thing lately...
"Once the tree and the holiday decor comes down, it looks so EMPTY!"
Well, maybe I'm weird, but I kinda' LIKE the cleared-out spaces!

To me, this is the perfect time of year to do a nice, thorough cleaning
and a refresh of our rooms so that we start the new year with a 'clean palette'.

I took that idea to the nth degree this year

and pulled all of the orange accent color OUT of the house.
I packed it up and put it away, leaving only the neutral background - 
and the result is a soft, cozy, warm, 'cashmere' feeling in the house!
It's perfect for winter, and a nice visual rest from all of the holiday excess.

and the best part? it wasn't even hard to do...

You've seen photos of the coat rack made from an antique porch post in our entry - 
below, take a look at the huge difference that removing the pop of color made:
vintage antique repurposing
The space looks and feels brighter and bigger now, 
and it literally cost me nothing but about half an hour to make the change -
I just 'shopped the house' and used what I already had on hand.

I've worked my way through the rest of the house since then, 

'neutralizing' the rooms and creating a warm vanilla atmosphere everywhere.
There's one final detail that Mom and I are working on this week,
and once it's in place, I'll share some 'room shots' with you!
In the meantime, remember that it's not always big projects that make an impact.
Something as simple as removing color - or ADDING color - can revitalize your home.
It's a perfectly 'fast, cheap & easy'TM way to start the new year!



Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year, everyone!
I'm ALMOST done taking down the Christmas decor...
which means I can then do some freshening up of our home for 'winter'
(a relative term here in Southern California, I know)

There will be a blog post coming later this week with some photos of what I am up to, 
but for now I thought I'd pop in to remind you that 
you'll find SO MANY ideas here in the blog archives for warming up your rooms!

See you soon - stay warm!



Pop! Fizz! Clink!

It's almost here - are you ready for the toasts?!

With the help of my friend Scott Carlson, wine specialist for BevMo
I'd like to share some helpful info to make your night the BUBBLIEST!

Continue Reading for some sparkling tips...


Tidings of Comfort and JOY

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, 
so this is the last post in my holiday 2016 series...

Finding this vintage book at the thrift store last summer
inspired our theme for our Christmas decorating:
  I've enjoyed sharing how we have embraced it in our home this year.
Click to see all Holiday 2016 Posts )

JOY has been my Word of the Year for 2016,
and in so many ways I have found it again, lived it, and shared it...
for that gift, I am profoundly Thankful.

I owe a debt of gratitude to so many people in my life,
including each of you who visit my blog and social media pages...
your visits, comments, likes, shares, re-posts, pins
and enthusiastic support and encouragement mean so much to me.
Thank you all, from my heart, for finding value in what I share with you.

It's not rocket science, and it's not as BIG and as WOW as many other bloggers post,
but you've let me know that it's helpful, useful, and inspiring to you - 
and that just makes my heart sing!

I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 
- no matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year!
and a New Year filled with hope, faith, love, laughter, and yes.... JOY

With Gratitude, 


A Christmas Tablescape

Okay, I'll be honest... we really don't use this dining table much.
Even after I gave it a snazzy makeover

It serves as a big crafting surface a lot of the time, 
but is currently set & ready for Christmas Day dinner with some very special guests.

Everything here is coordinated with our daily decor palette

and the deeper tones that we brought in for the holidays...
And it has a few ideas that are simple to replicate:

Continue Reading for more...

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