St Patrick's Day Tablescape

even if spring hasn't made an appearance yet where you live, 
March 17th is the perfect day to bring some green to the table... and it's not hard to do!
i rounded up some linens and glassware in green hues to add a spark to my white china,
grabbed some weathered wood birdhouse accessories from other rooms,
and created a simple yet spirited tablescape in no time at all!

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Shop Announcement

homewardFOUND decor seasonal SHOP decorative home accessories handmade vintage salvaged
the homewardFOUND shop is relocating at the end of this month!
i'll be moving out of Room #1 inside Needful Things Addiction,
to a smaller wall space in the hallway just outside that room...

the last day for you to shop homewardFOUND in the current space is Sunday, March 25th.
so if you've been eyeing any of the lamps, artwork, mirrors, or other larger items (not the fixtures)
you'll want to get in the store within the next two weeks!
homewardFOUND decor SHOP seasonal decorative home accessories handmade vintage salvaged
on March 26th Room #1 will close for dismantling and removal,
after April 1, when the space in the hallway is available, i'll install my fixtures and decor...
and my new shop 'home' should be stocked and ready for you on Wednesday, April 4th!
homewardFOUND decor SHOP seasonal decorative home accessories handmade vintage salvaged
in the new space, you'll still find seasonal offerings of  small vintage goods + my original products, 
and i'll still enjoy creating inspiring displays to delight you!

as much fun as having Room #1 has been, there are several reasons for this change - 
one is that by 'downsizing' the physical shop, i'll be able to offer some of my products online,
giving more of my 'HOMEees' the chance to have a lil' piece of homewardFOUND!

you've been asking me for that, but honestly keeping that room full has taken SO much 
of my time, energy, and money that i just couldn't offer online sales at the same time - 
so this solution should work for me and for you!

stay tuned for sneak peeks, updates & news...


Raid the Garden Shed for Spring Decor!

raid the garden shed for materials to use in your spring decorating - inside and out! homewardFOUNDdecor
Adding a few touches of natural elements to home decor each season
is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up our rooms
and make everyday life worth celebrating.

there's an easy way to get started on your spring decorating:
head out to your garden shed, greenhouse, or garage,

and raid it for all of the pots and trowels and rakes you can find!
these wonderfully worn elements are the perfect touch for your front porch,
front door, entryway, and INSIDE your home, too!

continue reading to see the many ways you can use clay pots as decor items...


Flower Frogs, My Way

vintage flower frogs homewardFOUNDdecor.com blog spring 2018
this apparatus is known as a 'flower frog'... and apparently, they are trending this spring!

continue reading to see what inspired me, and the ideas i came up with
for making flower frogs out of JUNK!


forward, march...

the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.... forward, march!
it's my favorite month of the year and i am ready to embrace spring!
to me, spring is all about fresh flowers and green grass, sunshine and rainstorms,
bringing nature's fresh green hue indoors and getting outside to enjoy it.

continue reading for a few of my easy DIY ideas for going green in march...


Repurpose Test Tubes as Flower Vases

 junk project diy home decor spring flower vases from test tubes
the strangest things show up at thrift shops, and it really pays to keep an open mind....
because you just might find something that gets your creative chemistry going!

continue reading to see what i did with the glass test tubes i found!


homewardFOUND shop: Spring!

here's a peek at the newest product displays in the homewardFOUND shop - 
where the look transforms with the seasons!

the shop has been refreshed for spring, 
with touches of green and white to brighten your home and your wardrobe...

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Capture Spring in a Jar!

one of my most popular pins + posts is my 'beach in a jar' project
 but long before i ever came up with THAT one, i created another: 'SPRING in a jar'!
i'm not sure why i haven't shared them here on homewardFOUND before, but it's time to change that!

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