Today's Fall Finds....

 this morning... LATE this morning...
I headed out to the 'community garage sales' in my neighborhood.
since it was late, I didn't know if I'd find anything I could use.

oh, but I DID!!!
 I spied several wonderful things...

okay, wait, I need to backtrack for a minute and make a confession. 

I'm the kind of garage / yard sale shopper that you probably hate.
I  roll past your driveway and scope out the offerings on your tarps and tables
without stopping my car. or getting OUT of my car. 
If there's enough there to intrigue me, I'll park and actually walk over to take a closer look.

I did it alllll morning long. 
my Mom sat in the car and helped me watch for signs ,
and then quickly evaluate each one as we drove past.

I can actually hear your eyes rolling as you read that... but it's ok. I get it!

So anyway, I found some lovely things that perfectly fit my palette and style,
things that will be headed to my homewardFOUND shop in Room 1
at Needful Things Addiction in Lake Elsinore, California
in just a few weeks!

the BEST thing I found?
these vintage player piano rolls!
if you've known me for any length of time at all, 
you know that I let out a happy scream when I came across these!
I've used them for YEARS in my vintage art & decor creations,
and have been looking for them here in SoCal for a long time.
who knew they were right here in my own neighborhood?!!!

 and you can bet I have big plans for them ;)

stay tuned for my opening date announcement! 


Coming Soon:

Okay, my friends, here's the big news:
I'm opening a homewardFOUND SHOP! 
Not online - a REAL, in person, brick & mortar SHOP!

In just a few weeks, I'll be taking up residency in ROOM #1
inside a fabulous new shop in my area -
Needful Things Addiction in historic old town Lake Elsinore, California
(near Temecula Wine Country, Northeast of San Diego)

I will have a whole ROOM to fill with revved-up junk, vintage finds, 
and my original handmade home decor & art...
all presented in big overblown displays each season!
You'll see some of the things I've shared here on the blog
in a setting that is reminiscent of my displays for my former vintage biz.
I really really loved that biz, that industry, and being part of the 'family' of vendors, 
so I am beyond-words EXCITED to get back into it in this very small way.
(and I am perfectly happy that it's small!)

I'm SO thrilled to be back to creating and making things again, 
and will love every moment of offering you delightful products and displays
to inspire YOUR seasonal style!

I'll start with a focus on fall, Thanksgiving, and soft neutral decor
and then in early November I'll haul in the Holidays... 

Stay tuned for my announcement of opening day!


Something Old is New!

I'm in full-blown creative mode over here at hwF headquarters,
surrounded by a mess of materials and plans and pretties...
I am so excited about this new-old thing that's on the horizon!

...stay tuned for an announcement later this week!


Welcome, October...

October breaks open, like a golden sunrise... 

Fall has always been my favorite season. 
Maybe I should blame my rusty red hair and my golden hazel eyes, 
but I just love the way autumn light warms up the landscape 
and nature's color palette changes with the season... 
this time of year, the earth sings a song of fresh new beginnings to me. 

Fall is the time my creativity runs rampant, and my eye finds artistic inspiration everywhere! 

 How fitting that this year, Fall brings me to a place where I am starting something again. 
It wasn't planned, and it's unfolding rapidly, and I am really REALLY excited about it!

Stay tuned for more news - coming very SOON! ;)


Festive Fall

whatever the weather is where you are (it's in the triple digits here :(  )
it seems like everyone is in prep mode for fall season decor...
and I know JUST what you are looking for!
for my Original product, 'Sweet Sweater Pumpkins' 
(© ™ DWK 2007)
My pumpkins made from thrifted sweaters are my MOST well-known design...
but their popularity is followed closely by my Original Glass Globe Pumpkins!

Other Original pumpkin decor ideas I have designed include 
(Um, YES, I DO have a thing for pumpkins!
My grandpa called me his 'Little Pumpkin Eater' because of my red hair...
so I have always loved pumpkins ;) )

For many MORE Autumn decor ideas,
Click on the 'Autumn' tab in the sidebar to access all of my Fall & Autumn posts

You'll find many inspiring 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'
TM ideas:

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