Going Green!

 I half-jokingly posted on the HOMEWARDfound facebook page the other day,
letting out a dirty little secret of my total decorating obsession....

When I change the graphics on my social media sites, 
I ALSO change the decor in my office / studio. To match.
So that when my fresh new home pages are up on my laptop screen, they coordinate with the room.

I know, I know... #Imayneedtherapy

ANyway, the new HWf graphics that I created for May are all about green and white:
I uploaded the new graphics on Monday. So, on Tuesday, the decor in the office changed... 
out went the yellow from March & April, and in came the greens.

It's amazing how simple accessory and color changes can freshen up a room!

Just a few shots of the major stuff:
* A twin bed that serves as a sofa - slash - work surface
[ with a queen-sized bookcase headboard between it and the wall, to hold more stuff ]
* Wall shelves over the bed / sofa
* A dresser holding craft supplies
A breakfront holding files and office supplies.
* A desk made from simple materials
My desk is a pair of narrow bi-fold doors, found at ReStore for five bucks - already painted white.
They sit across the breakfront / long dresser on the left and the smaller white dresser on the right.
It's not fancy or complicated, but it makes good use of the space in front of the window...
I like being able to look out as I work on the laptop, or projects on the desk.

This is a hacked-together panoramic image, but here's the layout from the doorway:
I'm just making the best use possible of furniture that was already in this room,
with the additions of my own white desk and tall dresser (that belonged to my Grandpa Ward).
Given the chance, I'd paint that white breakfront / long dresser white - 
but it's not mine, so I can't.
The bookcase headboard came from another guest room, and this was the only place to put it.
Fortunately, it's mostly hidden - and it does provide some extra storage & display space.

Now for the details...
This part is easy, because I just round up and grab everything in the color scheme I can find,
then sort through it as I create vignettes around the room.
If I don't use something, I just pile it into a wire basket as part of a color montage!

These two images show projects that I've shared here on the blog:
The wire dome made from a tomato cage and the seed packet tin can vase.
I've used them both in dozens of ways!

Many of the things I use in my office decor ARE 'green' as far as eco-friendly goes,
because there's a LOT of re-imagine, re-use, re-cycle action going on here!
From thrifted, vintage and antique items to everyday materials re-purposed into another use,
nothing is off-limits.

Well, not unless it's red or orange or something. ;)
Just call me #ColorObsessed!

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  1. Oh- Very nice. What a great room to work in. I like the addition of the GREEN to your room- nice and Springy-xo Diana


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