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Not Just a Cookie Cutter!

use holiday cookie cutters for napkin rings, tree ornaments, and more - all year long!
"Can't see the forest for the trees".
Ever heard that?

Something has happened to me REPEATEDLY over the past three weeks.
At first, I thought 'huh?'. Then I laughed. Finally, I got creative.
And that's when I realized my brain was trying to tell me something....

So, here's the situation:
In my new position in retail at the Happiest Place on Earth, 
I see a LOT of certain products. The ears, for example. They are EVERYWHERE.
And there's this ONE item that is right by the registers, 
where people routinely pick it up. They look at it. Some buy it.
But many - and I mean MANY  - many more than you would expect -
pick it up and look at cashiers and ask 
'What IS this? What's it FOR?'

May I present said item?:
use holiday cookie cutters for napkin rings, tree ornaments, and more - all year long!
words FAIL me.
I just don't get how people do NOT know what this is.
I am not talking about people from far-flung foreign lands here, friends...
These are people from first-world countries with stores and books and web shopping.

It's a cookie cutter. 
In the shape of Mickey Mouse ears.
Pretty standard item. At least, I THOUGHT it was!

Anyway, after wiping the astonished look off of my face and replacing it with a suitable Disney smile,
I began to share different ideas for using this apparatus with those who asked about it.
I solve the mystery for guests and expound the versatility of said item,
sharing 'value added' uses with them.

The guests and my co-cast members have repeatedly told me that 
I have a very unique way of seeing things.
Is that a compliment???!

... and that's when I realized that the reason I HAVE this blog
is because I do not think like other people do,
and I need to take the things that smack me across the face on a daily basis 
and turn them into blog fodder!

continue reading to find out the ideas I had for the Mickey Ear Cookie Cutter
[ which are borne out of things that I've done for YEARS in my own home ]
because they are applicable to ANY cookie cutter at ANY time of year...

use holiday cookie cutters for napkin rings, tree ornaments, and more - all year long!
Presenting Deb's list of ways to use a cookie cutter:

* cut sandwiches into fun shapes - minus the crust!
* cut thick fruit like watermelon and apple slices into fun shapes.
* spray with cooking spray, place in a frying pan, and fry an egg in it to create a fun shape.
* spray with cooking spray, place in a frying pan, and fill with pancake batter to create a fun shape.
* cut already-made jello into fun shapes. (run cookie cutter in hot water first)
* frost a cake, cupcake or cookie, sit a cookie cutter on it, and fill the shape with edible sparkles.
remove cookie cutter, and you have a perfect silhouette!
* place on a small plate and fill with olives, nuts, candies, etc. for a fun single-serving.
gather a bunch on a tray for a party where everyone serves themselves.
* hang from ribbons on a chandelier, light fixture, or in a window as a mobile.
* hang on a Christmas tree or 'seasonal tree' branch (like the tree in this post).
* add to a floral or greenery wreath on your front door.
* slip on the flag of your mailbox each season to make your mail-person smile!
(on the day you change them, put a special cookie in the mailbox for them!)
* lay on a tray and place small tealight candles in each one for a low centerpiece.
use holiday cookie cutters for napkin rings, tree ornaments, and more - all year long!
* tuck a folded napkin through one to use as a napkin ring (like in this post).

* create a faux cake from stacked ceramic dishes and use one as a topper (like in this post).
* tie together side-by-side with ribbons to create a garland for mantel, window, or doorway
* use as a tracing tool for small children's art projects - use crayons, pencils, felt pens, etc.
* wear as fun bracelets. that Mickey one would be awesome! it's just a bit too big.
* place a hoop earring through each of two small-ish cookie cutters, and wear as dangly earrings.
* hang one on a chain and wear as a necklace.
* slip one through your keyring for a find-able shape in your purse.
* use different shapes on different key rings to identify what the keys are for on your key rack
(beach house = shell, boat = life preserver, etc.)
* add to a bow & tag as a gift tie-on. theme it to the occasion or holiday.
 * tie small ones to wine glasses as wine glass charms.
* fill up a clear canister or vase in your kitchen, and let them remind you of your grandma's kitchen.

oh... and lest I forget:
* roll out chilled cookie dough until flat, and cut out shapes. 
bake cookies in oven. cool. frost. eat. smile!

See? I told you they were more than just cookie cutters.
They are facilitators of creativity and imagination!

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