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Easter Eggs on Parade!

Pinterest is awash these days with a plethora of ideas
for coloring and decorating Easter Eggs...
Well, I'm throwing my hat in the ring
with a few SIMPLE ideas for using 'everyday items' as bases to display your colorful eggs ON!

Sure, you can use an egg cup. 
My faves are white ceramic ones from Pier 1, which are a very affordable $1.50 each.
 I used them when I created this sweet ornament for someone's very special First Christmas:

They work for Sweet Sweater Snowbabies, and they work for eggs...
but I tend to like to be a bit more original with the way I display things, don't you?!
Using an egg cup to display an egg is just so.... normal.

continue reading to find more
 easy and unique ways to display Easter eggs:

  * perch an egg on top of a flower vase!
a pretty paper cupcake liner becomes a collar, and helps hold the egg in place.
[ a tiny dab of hot glue or museum putty will hold the egg securely on its pedestal ]

 * nestle an egg in a tiny bowl, 
surrounded by a bit of real grass or fuzzy green yarn.

 * show off an egg in an elegant cut glass salt cellar

  * tiny trucks make a perfect holder for an egg...
with a nest of grass or yarn to cushion the precious cargo.
[ can't you see a bunch of these on the kids' table for Easter dinner?! ]
this reminds me of vintage postcards with 'giant' vegetables on farms!

 * a sweet teacup & saucer elegantly present an egg,
while a delicate cut paper cupcake collar and green yarn add charming details.
[ perfect for an Easter brunch or tea]

With the addition of a name to each egg,
added with a paint pen or colorful marker,
these displays become perfect place cards for your table!

Here's one for the door instead of the table:

Simply fill a wire basket with Easter grass (or moss!) and colorful eggs.
Tuck in faux flowers (or a small water bottle for fresh blooms).
and hang on your door to greet your guests in HOPPY EASTER style!

... more EGGcellent ideas coming in my next post! ;)

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  1. Those are ALL really cute ideas!!! I haven't done anything much for Easter with everything that is going on here- xo Diana