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Mossy Mossy Mossy

So, after the Easter eggs and bunnies are packed away, 
what does Spring look like for you?

Me? I'm partial to MOSS.

...and yes, just as my silly title above indicates, I can't say 'Mossy' without thinking
"Fosse, Fosse, Fosse" 
[ which is a funny line from the movie 'The Birdcage'... look it up ;) ]

 I don't go for that 'sanitized' & bagged moss from the nurseries & garden centers, however...
nope. I like my moss straight from the shadiest corner of the yard, thankyouverymuch.
Twigs and weeds and all. Just scoop it up (using a pie server or spatula, of course) 
and pop it into containers like terra cotta pots and brandy snifters!

I shared a tutorial on making FREE moss terrariums HERE last Spring!

I loved this 'moss handbag' planter when I saw it at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, CA.
It inspired the moss-filled wire basket that I just made for Mom's front door.
[ The moss is real, the roses are faux - salvaged from an old wreath ]

These hanging moss balls used as planters are at the entrance to Roger's Gardens this spring,
and they spin a bit in the wind. 

Very sweet - and EASY to replicate!
* Grab a grapevine orb from the craft or dollar store 
* Wrap it up with sheet moss 
* Fill the inside of the ball with potting soil
* Plant a little fern or begonia into it
* Attach a string or wire, and hang from your patio cover....
OR, simply place the moss ball into a martini glass to display it indoors or on a table!

 One of my favorite haunts up in Washington state was Christianson's Nursery in the Skagit Valley.
There is a little shop in the center of the nursery called 'Primrose',
and every season, they create charming displays with natural elements and vintage goods.
I was always inspired when I visited,
and looking at these images of a spring tablescape, you can see why!
They really know how to use the ABUNDANT moss in the Pacific Northwest!

I would even put up with sanitized moss to create a table like that ;)

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  1. What a wonderful post full of great mossy ideas! I LOVE the piece you made for your Mom's door. I think it is even better than the inspiration piece. Fun post!!!! xo Diana