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Charming Little Scarecrows

 A VERY unusual element makes these charming little scarecrows 
a 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' project... and you won't believe what it is!

Years ago, my friend Karen made the scarecrows in the image above
for the porch decor at one of our client's Seattle area homes.
A few years later, I made a similar little scarecrow, 
and came up with my 'crazy but ingenious' plan for his support system...
a standard rubber bathroom plunger.
yeah, really!

I DO suggest that you get a NEW plunger from a home supply store for this!
['reduce reuse recycle' has its limits, you know?!]

This illustration shows the process - 
Look at it from the BOTTOM UP !
Basically, you are building the scarecrow OVER the handle/post of the plunger,
which is stuck to the floor of your entryway, porch, etc.
Generally when I hear a description like that, I nod my head and go 'oh, I GET it!'
but I know not everyone is like that...
so here are some basic 'how to' steps to follow if you need them:

#1: First you stick the plunger to the floor - in your entryway, on your porch, wherever.
It won't stick to concrete, though, unless the concrete is really smooth.
If you have an extra doormat, flip it over and expose the rubbery side - the plunger will stick to that!

This method will make small scarecrows...
but you can stick the plunger onto taller items to make the scarecrows appear taller:
a five-gallon paint bucket wrapped in burlap, a metal milk can, anything that the plunger will stick to!

#2: Take a pair of child's pants - jeans, cords, overalls - and do one of two things:

If you want the scarecrow to sit down, put a hole in the crotch
so that the plunger's handle will go through the pants.

If you want the scarecrow to stand up, just slip one leg of the pants over the plunger handle.
[You'll need to 'scrunch' the pants down a bit once stuffed,
 to allow the shirt & head to fit on the handle, too.]

Close the ends of the pantlegs with a rubber band, and cover with raffia.
Then stuff the pants - I use plastic grocery bags or trash bags.
Stuff them REALLY full, making the pants as firm as possible  - not squishy.

#3. Place a wire clothes hanger inside a long-sleeved child's tee shirt or sweater
then place the shirt over the top of the plunger handle,
with the handle coming up through the neck of the shirt.

Close the ends of the sleeves with rubber bands, and cover with raffia.
Tuck the bottom of the shirt into the pants - use straight or safety pins to hold them together.
Add a raffia 'belt' in the pant belt loops if you'd like.
Then stuff the shirt with more plastic grocery or trash bags - 
again, stuffing it VERY full so that it is firm and not squishy.

Bend the top loop of the hanger in the shirt up straight, 
and DUCT TAPE it onto the plunger handle - this will help to hold the shirt and pants upright.
Leave about 4 inches of the handle at the top for the pumpkin head to fit onto.

#4. Get a lightweight 'FUNKIN' pumpkin, a plastic pumpkin pail, 
a plush pumpkin, or even a Sweater Pumpkin!
Put a hole in the center of the bottom of it. 
Then slide the pumpkin onto the plunger handle and snug it down to the neck of the shirt.

*** The pumpkin has to be lightweight - if it's heavy, it will cause the stick to lean over ***
You can add stuffed socks or shoes to the ends of the pant legs,
a stuffed pair of mittens to the ends of the shirt sleeves, 
and a hat to the top of the pumpkin if you wish.

You could also use children's Halloween costumes for this project!
Try some from the thrift store, or maybe even use the costumes that your kids have worn in past years!
[If , like me, you kept them because they were just too darned cute to part with. 
Yeah, I was that mom ;) My daughters have 'the Costume Box' now]

Just think how darling your front porch would be 
with a gathering of little costumed 'Trick or Treater' Scarecrows!

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