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Halloween Tricks and Treats!

'BeWitched', my very own 'Great Pumpkin' creation, and I would like to wish you

Happy Halloween!

Tonight, after the cute little trick or treaters have been tucked into bed,
the ghosts and ghouls here on our street will gather for a dessert party!

Some very simple ideas and materials were pulled together in about two hours
to create this fun party decor...
One roll of orange wrapping paper forms a backdrop AND the center stripe on the table.
found at Marshalls for $2.99

[ disclaimer: the 'happy Halloween' writing was added in my photo editing program - 
it's NOT printed on the paper on the wall ]

One package of vintage-look crepe paper fringed garland frames the center stripe on the table
and forms a short swag above.
found at Salvation Army for $1.99. NEW!

The large plastic chargers (and other containers) await the food...
found at Walmart for $2.49
A gathering of apothecary jars (from elsewhere in the house) is filled with decor items
like plastic eyeballs, spiders and candycorn from WalMart.
The last snippet of the fringed garland tucks inside one jar.

You could fill yours with candy for guests to actually EAT...
but we have so many goodies, we didn't need candy!

continue reading to see MORE easy party decor ideas!
More stunningly simple ideas for a party table:
 The glass cake dome will hold a spice cake with a caramel icing spiderweb...
the polyfil 'web' and plastic spiders will accent it perfectly.

The black plates will hold decorated cookies (ghosties and pumpkins),
and a heavy cut crystal bowl serves as a perfect 'riser' to add dimension to the table display.
Using a black salad/dessert plate, and a black coffee mug on top of the colored plastic chargers,
you can quickly build a tiered cookie server

The same setup on another charger serves up cupcakes -
and a tiny upended aperitif wine glass serves as a perfect pedestal for one cupcake
A Spice layer cake with cream cheese frosting and a caramel icing web
entices from it's perch in the glass cake dome
[that's why I put a web and spiders under the cake plate!]
I think these are some of the cutest cookies I've ever seen and I HAD to share them!
basically Oreo-type cookies with orange creme filing,
that peeks through the face cutouts of the cookie - DARLING!
Get 'em at Trader Joes
...and of COURSE, there are Sweet Sweater Pumpkins in the decor!
(as seen in the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats Magazine)

Even if you are already finished with your Halloween party decor,
remember that all of these ideas would work for upcoming holiday parties, too!

Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween, everyone!

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