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Flyin' My Flag

 Yesterday I made a stop at the Disney Cast Member outlet store.
Yes, that really does exist  ;)

End-of-line, out-of-season, slightly damaged and discontinued items are sent there
from retail shops on the resort property, along with old office supplies, and
decorative items no longer being used by the resort property enhancement department.

That includes used holiday decor.

So when I walked around a corner there and saw a bucket of American flags,
I eagerly grabbed one. One.
I was wondering where it had been used when another Cast Member grabbed a dozen of them,
and said she had heard that they were from the Main Street USA lamp post embellishments.
They would have looked like this when displayed there:

I still only took one.
Because that's one thing I've been learning lately...


I now have this beautiful, slightly worn flag
that came from a place I dearly love and have so many memories of
and it will become a part of my summer decor, every year.
The knowledge of the history of my little flag enhances its meaning for me. 
THAT is what is important to me now... not quantity.

Besides, there are thousands of other Cast Members who shop there
and they deserve to get one, too.

 I love flags!

I was a 'flag carrier' with the marching band in high school,
and have a great appreciation for the beauty of our National symbol.
My once huge collection of vintage US flags has been reduced to
 my favorite large one (from a boat) and this one.
Two flags, two histories - and many more memories to make...

I am perfectly happy with just a little bit of summer 
and a WHOLE lot of history and pride
in my HOMEWARDfoundDecor office.
Simple really IS better.

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  1. Such restraint in only getting one! But all the more precious!