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@ Liberty: Summer Ashore Decor!

Imagine, if you will, Lady Liberty... 
stepping down from her pedestal on Ellis Island to enjoy a summer yachting excursion.

That, in a nutshell, is the premise behind the summer theme
in my friend Liz's booth in an antique mall in San Diego!
Liz hired me to assist her in gaining some serious WOW factor in her booth,
which is in the WINDOW of the gorgeous shop.
She brought the goods, and I helped her with a design plan and styling services.

... and I think I can safely say that her booth is definitely a WOW!

These are simple yet stunning ideas
for combining Nautical, French, and Patriotic decor...

a vintage mannequin is dressed in a white petticoat and draped with a vintage flag.
Liz created her Lady Liberty crown out of tin!
a beautiful alabaster statue tips her crown to the colors
in a purely last-minute serendipitous combination,
a statuary head nestles in a silver yachting trophy, topped by a jaunty French beret 
Old Glory adds color to the sparkle of mirror and crystal in the corner
 a vintage French bed was rebuilt as a bench, then filled with nautical pillows and Old Glory
a life preserver forms a perfect halo above the mannequin
and a sailing ship is ready for the water
miniature Lady Liberties join in the fun!
Liz's business is 'My Little French Venue'
The store is Vignettes, in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

shared online:

Practically Functional | Creativity Unleashed


  1. Lest anyone comment, email, or post any negative thoughts about the flag shown in these images,
    please hear my two cents first:

    I do honor and respect the flag of the United States of America.

    When I use one, it does not touch the ground, and it is always displayed with the blue field on the left whether it is on a standard like the one behind the bench or as a dress, as shown on the mannequin. Using it in a beautiful setting like this is only one way to celebrate the history of the flag, pride in our country, and to display our patriotism. It is not meant in a disrespectful way, but as treasuring the strength that a flag has to have endured as long as it has. I quite simply do not think that our national symbol has less value when it is tattered. In fact, I think its value increases as we see the scars that the flag has gained while it flies proudly over our nation. For me, it is a reminder of the scars that our brave soldiers have suffered in defending her since her creation as our national symbol.

    Liz created the mannequin idea, and I love it.
    Long Live Lady Liberty, Old Glory, and the Land That We Love.

  2. I adore every bit of your styling...and with such wonderful pieces to work with!
    This has inspired me to get out the old bunting, flags, and patriotic swags and do the cottage this weekend. Thank you for sharing your talents, Deb, and for sharing this shop. I found them on FB with your link, and shared the love.

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Mar! I hope you share photos of your decor - I'd love to see what you do!!!

  3. Never in my life have I met anyone more gifted than you are, Deb. Wow, what an inspiration you are.

    Can't imagine anyone thinking you were disrespectful of the flag. These are just so fantastic…

    Wish I could spend some time and learn from you. I'm always amazed when I see the fruit of your hands. I always wonder how on earth you dreamed up the combinations I would never come up with. I have the ingredients of similar things but no idea how to put it together like this.

    Enough gushing but wow. Just wow. As usual.

    1. Thank you, Miss Sharyn. You are so generous with praise :) The truth is, the ability I have is God-given compounded with YEARS of practice. I consider it comparable to the skills of someone who can naturally pull together ingredients to create an edible masterpiece. I can NOT cook! But I can create beautiful compositions of 'things' ;)

  4. Oh Mais Oui - It is a huge WOW & even more so in person! Thank you so much Deb for lending your amazing talents to Liz's window for the world to behold. It is off the charts gorgeous & a real traffic stopper!
    Please come back soon! XOXO

    1. Miss Lori, I consider yours to be one of the greatest compliments I have ever received on my styling work! You are a master visionary when it comes to retail store display - as evidenced in your gorgeous booths and store decor - and I can't thank you enough for your kindness. I would love to come to Vignettes any time!