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Santa Babies

I was surfing through my facebook news feed the other night,
and a photo on a Page I follow jumped out at me....
it's such a simple idea, easy to execute by adding one thing to the existing decor,
and yet it added SO much to the room it was in that it made me smile.
The emphatically creative artist Mary Engelbreit
(she of the perpetually encouraging quotes and cheerful colors)
shared this photo of her kitchen fireplace Holiday decor:
which is, again, a simple embellishment of her every day decor.
Miss Mary collects statues and busts of children, and displays them on her mantel.

And at Holiday time, 
she dresses her little babies up by placing perfectly-sized Santa hats on each one:
It's charming, sweet, and it makes you smile.
The only thing I might change is that I'd replace that painting in the background
with a large-scale version of 'The Night Before Christmas'...
preferably with Miss Mary's illustrations :)

I love this easy idea, for indoors or out!

Can't you just IMAGINE the possibilities???
 There's always one in every crowd... and his name is usually Bob.
 Whaaaaaaat? You said wear it. I'm wearing it!
 He's up to no good, I can tell you that...

Just think about it ;)

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  1. LOL- I don't know if I ever saw a risque Santa baby before!;>) ---well, except maybe in Walmart! xo Diana