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My Rose Gold Obsession

Just before Christmas, I was overtaken by a fever...
don't worry, I'm not sick. I'm just a bit obsessed with the color Rose Gold!
... forget what Pantone says, THIS is MY color of the year!

One day I dug through my files and drawers and cabinets and magazines,
and pulled out all kinds of tearsheets and miscellaneous 'stuff' 
that was in any way related to this warm, soft light pink/copper hue.
Then I put it all together and created a real 3-D 'mood board'
(remember how we used to do that BEFORE Pinterest?!)

I photographed the layouts, and turned them into Pinterest-worthy photos!

Then I re-designed every.last.brand.graphic that I use online
because this happy, sparkling, rosy hue just resonates with me right now...
you might say I've put on rose-gold colored glasses ;)

I had a lot of ideas for projects on my mind,
but no time at all to go out and get the paint or start anything. Until today!

Krylon rose gold metallic paint stock photo
 I got my hands on a few cans of THIS sweet stuff...
* I highly recommend Krylon Metallic Paints. They look REAL. *
(non-sponsored endorsement)
and then I went a little bit *mad*, actually:
I had this rough-surfaced metal laser-cut 'D' in a drawer, just waiting for paint.
One very thin coat and she's shining shimmering splendid!

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Krylon rose gold spray paint
 I grabbed a bunch of jewelry that I wear, but needed a bit of a face-lift
and I sprayed the heck out of it! 
Nothing there is 'fine' jewelry, and I LOVE the patina on it now.
I have a rose gold watch and this looks FAB with it!
Tip:  after the light coat of spray paint dries, 
rub the metal with a soft tee shirt.
It 'burnishes' the metal and makes it shinier!

 I found a funky little canvas from the target dollar spot in a drawer, 
and decided to play with it, too...
I placed chipboard letters on it and then painted the whole shebang.
One quick spray coat was all it took:
 ( ummm, no - not about the movie with an Oscar nom. 

I did a few more lil' projects
and you aren't gonna' BELIEVE what they are...

ummm... yeah. I DID spray paint my sneaks and cowboy boots!

My boots were sanded with fine-grit sandpaper after the paint dried,
then rubbed with dry oil on a soft cloth to condition them.
I know, they're FRYEs - but I got them for $10 bucks seven years ago! 
It wasn't gonna' hurt to try this... and I LOVE them!  
(I'm going to get some rougher sandpaper and take the paint off the heels, though.)

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  1. What is the name of the shade you used here? I can't find a rose gold in this brand. I've only found "copper brilliance" but I can't tell if it's similar enough to rose gold.

  2. Marquie I am still unpacking boxes from the move, and haven't yet found the one with the paint in it! It may well be that 'Copper Brilliance' IS the shade I used, but I am just not certain. 😕 I really thought that I had included the color in this post... Apparently not! As soon as I have a moment and a reliable internet connection (don't ask, it's a soap opera....) I will find the answer and edit my post.

  3. Love the confirmation to my own gold spray paint plans! Good stuff!