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a happy holiday is on the way!

I know we're right in the midst of Thanksgiving prep, my friends,
but I just found something that I couldn't help but share!

I've been hunting and gathering and making all kinds of happy holiday goodies
that will be making their way into my little shop in Room #1
inside the Needful Things Addiction Marketshoppe in old town Lake Elsinore, Ca.
just a few of the sweet vintage treasures that I've found...
there's ever so much more, but some things need to stay secret ;) 

and as soon as I opened up a big box in the garage and saw what was in it,
I just knew that some of you would be really happy...
because my original Sweet Sweater Snowmen will be headed to the shop!
yep, I found all of these guys. and some BIG guys.
and some Sweet Sweater SnowBABIES, too!

these are perfect for your holiday decor & gift giving, 
because they work as decor well into February!

my holiday wares will be headed into the shop for Thanksgiving weekend
and an upcoming Dec 2 event in our store... stay tuned for details SOON!


  1. What fun things, Deb. I can't wait to see even more. Good luck with your shop. I need to finish listing my vintage stuff so I can move on to the 'creating' phase of things. xo Diana

  2. it never ENDS, Miss Diana!!! LOL. I'm surrounded by half finished projects, not started yet projects, stuff I bought, and sheets of paper with drawings of how the room will look when I manage to fit all of this stuff IN there! whew. I wish you better luck than I am having!