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oh, Christmas tree!

 my friends, I just don't 'do' Black Friday.
that one horrifying trip to the mall for a Cabbage Patch Doll back in the early 80's was enough.
I was an 19 year old new mommy and was seriously traumatized by it all.
ever since, I've spent the day after Thanksgiving 
happily hiding from the world and decorating my house for Christmas...
and then that turned into decorating other people's homes and businesses.
in the course of decorating all those trees
(about 25 trees each year, give or take - that's a lotta' tree decorating!)
I've learned some helpful tips and come up with some ideas:

i also turned a really cheap material into fun 'tomato cage' Christmas trees!

this year, I've been making some trees
 'found' materials have been a big part of that process...
 last year, I created and shared a 'vintage lace Christmas tree' on a tomato cage
this year, I shrunk the idea down to size!

recently I found some funky old bristle brushes in a thrift shop, 
and of course I don't SEE them as that - I saw TREES!
they turned out exactly as I envisioned them, and I really like 'em!
I mean, REALLY like them. I am torn about selling them.... 

I've shared a lot of Christmas tree decor themes over the years,
and I hope they continue to inspire you!

The tree is up and fluffed and lit in our living room, but I have NO IDEA
what the theme will be this year... we'll see what I come up with
as soon as I get alllllll those decor boxes out of the garage and into the house!
(The only tip I have for that is 'get help!')

to all who are visiting from the Funky Junk Interiors DIY Salvage Junk link party, welcome!


  1. Love your tree ideas. I created some with vintage trim and had to keep a few for myself! Thanks for the inspiration. Milena

    1. thank you so much for your kind comment, Milena - and welcome to homewardFOUND! I'm so glad you visited!

  2. Deb! Welcome to the partay! I've always loved your tone-on-tone decor and Christmas is no exception. Those brush trees are darling! It's also been so encouraging watching you set up a booth... an idea I've dabbled with over time. Maybe...

    1. Hi Miss Donna! Welcome! I can't tell you how much your comment means to me, my friend.... your creative style never fails to inspire me, even tho our 'take' is very different <3 I am having so much fun with my room inside the store, and I think you'd be just DARLING at it!!!

      BTW: I DID decide to keep these bristle brush trees ;)