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Create a White Spring Tablescape

create a simple white tablescape for spring using what you have on hand with ideas from homewardFOUND decor
Easter and springtime are filled with symbolism of growth and life and celebration...
sometimes winter hangs around a bit longer than we want (like this year!)
yet the white blanket of winter snow covering up signs of spring can inspire, too,
as in this tablescape that combines the freshness of spring blooms with crisp winter white.

continue reading for my one-step trick for making those mini glass domes!
create a simple white tablescape for spring using what you have on hand with ideas from homewardFOUND decor
set on a vintage white enamel tabletop, simple white dinnerware and linens soothe the eye
in this monochromatic winter-into-spring tablescape.
clear glass plates, glassware, and domes add sparkle and make the light dance.

i didn't add candles to my table design, but i should have!
it would be easy to gather clear glass votive cups, bar glasses, and jelly jars and sprinkle them on the table.

the centerpiece is made up of a few elements:
* a glass dome on a pedestal, with tiny clay pots filled with moss. 
(of course, a beautiful dessert could be placed there, too... a white cake or cupcakes, perhaps?!)
* white tulips (faux or real) in clay pots bring life to the composition.
* a little white ceramic dish in the shape of an egg crate holds several wood eggs.
more of those eggs serve as gifts for guests presented on each plate in a fun way:
white spring tablescape from homewardFOUNDdecor.com
the eggs sit inside vintage cut glass salt cellars, covered by miniature domes - 
created using stemless wine glasses!
it's an easy way to make the eggs stand out on the table, and the glass can be used during the meal.

i'm sure you've noticed that everything about this tablescape is simple.
it's not been created to impress, or get applause, or to rack up likes and stats.
it's not going to take you a week to put together. more like 15 minutes. 
it's all about creating a warm, welcoming, useful setting to be enjoyed by people you love. 
real people living real lives in a real world... which is ALL of us.
a real world where sometimes we decorate the table at the last minute because we are crazy-busy,
yet we want our guests to know we care enough about them to make the effort.
our families, too, every day - and while every day doesn't look like this, 
maybe just creating a simple centerpiece for your spring table is enough.
(or maybe you go all out and move the whole table to a different room for your guests!)

...and you know that choice of how much you do is up to YOU, right? 

i love sharing ideas with you, hopefully inspiring you to enjoy your home every season of the year.
i never EVER want to make you feel like you can't do the things i show you here - because you CAN.
i focus on simple, easy-to-attain decor projects that won't take up a lot of your precious time,
that won't cost you money that you may not have,
and that certainly isn't dependent on having sponsors send you freebies to use. oi. 
nope, that's not me. never has been. not why i started this blog in the first place.

my goal is to take all of the decorating tricks i've learned as a visual stylist over 40+ years
(and as a girl and woman who never had much money, but used a LOT of creativity in my home)
to encourage you and equip you with some creative-thinking skills - 
because whatever you do, a little or a lot, you should do it with your own personal style... you do you.
use my ideas here as a place to start. rework them, tweak them, make them yours.
make your home YOURS. not some company's idea of home.

thank you for visiting homewardFOUNDdecor.com and giving me the chance to do ME! 

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