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a Tale of Two Tables...

tables, furniture, salvaged, junking, junk, reclaimed, wood, paint, signs, wall art, found objects, nature art, handpainted, handlettered, wood signs
 what do you do with a broken table?  i hang the tabletops on walls!

i came across a pair of oval end tables at a garage sale - and both had broken legs.
thing was, i loved the scalloped shape of them and the ogee edges, so i bought them -
and then took 'em home and removed all of the legs and the aprons.
now simply a flat surface, they were perfect for transforming into wall art...

one of them, shown above, got a few coats of eggshell white paint, a quick sanding, 
and a large picture hanger attached to the back to hang vertically - 
ready for whatever came next.

continue reading to find out what came next!
what came next was a yard sale where i stumbled across a very large hornet's nest on a branch.
no, it wasn't in a tree - it was lying on a table. and it was for sale. (and yes, it was empty!!)
(it wins the prize for the most unusual thing i've ever found while junking!)

i bought it and took it back to the shop, where i glued it onto the tabletop.
and, voila', i had the most unique art piece i have ever created - and sold. 
which i guess goes to show that art is indeed in the eye of the beholder. 

i hope you'll leave a comment and tell me what the most unusual thing you've ever hung on your wall is!
tables, furniture, salvaged, junking, junk, reclaimed, wood, paint, signs, wall art, found objects, nature art, handpainted, handlettered, wood signs
the second identical tabletop was painted with ivory paint and sanded, 
then i hand-painted the word 'flowers' onto it, as shown above, with layers of grey paint washes.
two hooks in the top made it ready to hang horizontally.

(i don't remember who bought it from me, but i have always pictured it in my mind as 
hanging outside of a small florist shoppe on a tiny back alleyway in Victoria, BC.)

i share these projects because i hope you will remember to see cast-off items as materials,
rather than only what they actually are. a table isn't necessarily a table
it's project wood that you can do anything with!

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  1. Very interesting! I would not ever have tho't to use the table tops that way. I especially like what you did with the second one. Gosh, I have to really think to choose the most unusual thing I've hung on my wall. I've never lived anywhere that I had a lot of wall space so it's usually just artwork or photos of my children--and, now, my grandchildren! Let's see....I have a small collection of Brambly Hedge plates and two of them are hung on my wall. That doesn't seem very unusual, tho'. I have a collection of iron trivets hung on one wall in my kitchen. I think I have failed the test for UNUSUAL! I must broaden my mind and think outside the box and all those things that make for unusual wall decor! Okay, I'm now on the hunt for unusual! Don't expect any wasp nests, though!

    1. oh, Naomi, i think hanging iron trivets on your wall is definitely worth a mention! i've seen many ornate ones, along with some simple ones too - great idea to use items that have a connection to the room, too, like the fact that the trivets would be used in a kitchen. (i like the idea of plates on the wall in a dining room for the same reason!) thank you SO much for visiting my blog, and for leaving a comment, sweet girl!