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summer break

this was unplanned, but is necessary:
i'm taking a break from 'content creation' for the rest of the summer.

if you care to know why, continue reading...

truthfully, i'm emotionally overwhelmed by life in the world these days.

recent political and societal developments,
the endless 24/7 noise of 'information overload' from every angle,
the constant pressure / demand to create and promote content to be consumed,
and the generally disheartening attitude of humanity right now
have me spinning in circles. 

i know that i'm not the only one feeling like this, either...
so many posts i see on social media say the same thing.
life has become a circus, a never-ending roller coaster ride that has us all spinning,
and i'm choosing to step off the crazy cultural carousel for awhile.

i've been fighting it for awhile now,
but i'm not fooling myself or anyone else by trying to 'press in and press on'.
(trust me, Deb knows that when she can't get excited about creating things
and ideas for creative projects don't come, then Deb is in trouble. i'm there.
add recurring serious health problems to that, and i'm over the edge.)

grounding myself and my frame of mind is the only way i can deal with it all -
by getting back to what is true and what is beneficial and what is REAL.

i am the only one who can take care of me, so that's what i am going to do.

in a lovely twist of fate, as soon as i made the decision and drafted this post,
a professional creative opportunity came my way that i am now looking into
and planning for later this summer, if i get the go-ahead from the corporate office.

for me, that's proof positive that allowing ourselves to choose ourselves FIRST
and taking steps to take care of our own mindset
often throws open the doors of opportunity for growth and accomplishment.
(even when no one else knows yet what we've decided!)

while i am not creating blog posts and insta posts (and reels.... uggggggh) for summer,
i'll be working on original projects & decor for fall.
and, hopefully, some product styling for an ad campaign ;) 

i'll be back here after Labor Day weekend,
sharing some new original fall decor ideas & projects to inspire you.

i hope that if you are feeling this same sense of overwhelm,
you will remember to take time to do what you need for your own well being.
let's do that, whatever it looks like for each of us.
we never know what it will open the door to!

happy summer vacation, friends!

~ Deb


  1. Wishing you a soothing, peaceful time off - you deserve it! ... as do we all :-)

    1. thank you so much, LindaSonia... and you're right, we ALL deserve a break!