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Boo to You!

When I was unpacking fall decor for the new house last month, 
I discovered these in a box...
two of my 'Embellished Pumpkins' that I created and sold 
at the Glitterfest show three years ago.

(Why is it that I keep stumbling across stuff like this - 
stuff I don't even remember I HAVE - 
but I CAN'T find the stuff I NEED - like my printer cords??!!!!
Mysteries of moving, I guess!)

I took a fancy flocked shadowbox frame and an old wood clock case
and foofed them up with some fanciful materials:
faux leaves made of vintage sheet music and black resin with glitter,
real oak leaves that had been bleached, a bit of old lace,
two black crows - one with a vintage paper crown,
scrapbook paper with a haunted theme,
a watch case filled with a vintage photo (that I 'Bewitched' with a felt pen hat!),
some vintage rhinestone jewelry bits,
and of course no fall project from my studio would be complete without
my Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins
this time in black and white!

Though fun to create, this isn't really my personal palette or decor style, 
but since they didn't sell at that show, I kept them.
And I'm glad I DID...
because they serve a perfect purpose: wishing you all a

although..... THIS ain't bad, either! ;)


Perfectly Imperfect

This is so easy it's ridiculous...
but that's the best part!
Because whether you have old fall decor pieces that have lost their appeal
or you ran across a steal of a deal at the thrift shop,
paint covers a multitude of sins... and a whole lotta' UGLY.

Like, um, those badly-painted ceramic pumpkins in the 'before' shot.
Sorry, but those be UGLY!
But at a buck each, I couldn't pass them up. I have a weakness for a bargain.

My PLAN was to paint them to look like galvanized metal.
Great idea - but I am just really short on time right now.
They sat on the floor in my studio (see before shot, again) for two weeks,
staring at me as if they were demanding to be 'fixed'. 
One day, I'd had it. I was really sick of looking at them.
So I went to the garage, grabbed a can of semi-gloss white paint, 
and slapped two coats of paint onto the pumpkins.

LO and BEHOLD: fall decor  - that looks like I just got it at HomeGoods or Target!

I just used some leftover trim paint. Not a new can of spray paint.
(tho if I had HAD a can of that, I probably would have used it instead).
Craft paint would work, too - heck, FINGER paint would work!

The thing is, it's not perfect. 
I can see the imperfections and bumps from the OLD paint job,
and the brush marks from my 'slap-dash' paint application.
However, I.DON'T.CARE!

Once those freshly-rejuvenated babies were put into a display in my entry,
the flaws aren't apparent at ALL. They look absolutely FABulous there:

... and that's a lesson I apply to life, as well as decorating:

Nothing's ever going to be perfect. 
But it can still be fabulous when we make the most of it.

I'm far from perfect or flawless, and most of my projects and decor aren't, either!
I'm not in this to impress anyone or monetize my blog, 
but to share and inspire you to just TRY your hand at new things.
It's probably not gonna' turn out perfectly.... 
but if you don't tell anyone, they probably won't notice anyway!

So, dear readers, dig out the ugly decor stuff you're hiding
and give it a simple coat of white or black or neon orange paint - 
because sometimes you can make a big change in just five minutes.

PS: read the story of 'Jack', my other white-painted ceramic pumpkin

One last thing:
Thank you to the lovely ladies who ordered pumpkins yesterday...
I appreciate your enthusiasm and support over the years, 
and am happy that you were able to snag the last of the Originals!
Bless you all <3 


* pumpkin palooza! *

Wow, is FALL really here already?
ok, well, it's not the 'official' beginning of fall, but
it's time to break out the fall decor...

Here at homewardFOUNDdecor
that means scrounging up materials from all over the house
and turning them into something fun to decorate with!

I've got loads of fall decor ideas for you here in my blog archives,
including tutorials for my signature & original pumpkins:
My Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins (designed 2007)

My Original Glass Globe Pumpkins (designed 2011)

Faux Concrete Styro Pumpkins (tutorial shared 2014)

Painted Pumpkin Pails (designed 1994)
... and my versions of

Yeah, I know - that's more than the '6 projects' touted in the graphic above!
Once you get me started..... ;)

My OWN pumpkin decor includes the very FIRST Sweet Sweater Pumpkins I ever made! 
Yep, I've been storing and using them since waaaaaay back in 2007.
I'll be putting those - and newer versions - out soon.... 


It's Not Too Late to Get Your SPOOK On!

Looking for last minute Halloween decor ideas?
(it's okay!)
Have no fear! I have a TREAT for you in my archives:
a bunch of my trademark 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM ideas...

just click on the 'read more' link!


Happy Halloween!

 Sometimes, great decorating is the result of restraint.
Without much ado or effort, these simple white pumpkins have Halloween holiday spirit
and all I did was tie two (STUNNING) plastic masks onto them.

No carving, no paint, no hours of effort and mess were involved....
just a simple one-step 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM decor detail that REALLY makes an impact.
This is a perfect solution for those of you who haven't decorated yet
with just HOURS to go before the Trick-or-Treater Invasion!

I paid just one dollar EACH for those masks at a local flea market,
but you can still find great ones at local party supply stores.
Wishing you all a very Happy & SAFE Halloween!
I'll be handing out treats at Disneyland tonight :)

shared online:
Practically Functional | Creativity Unleashed


Happy HalloWEEK! Part 2: A Skeleton Crew...

When I walked into Roger's Gardens 'Hauntingly Beautiful' Halloween BOOtique this fall
and saw THIS decor element, I laughed out loud.
Last year, their decor made me think of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.
THIS year, it makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean!
(Yes, I am an unabashed Disney Kid!)

If you've ever looked at cheap plastic skeletons 
and thought there is NO way those will EVER look good,
think again....
 because used as an overhead 'trellis' for climbing ivy, these old bones have full-bodied style!

The skeletons hang from the ceiling and dangle down at the edges of rooms & doorways,
creating arches overhead.
Faux ivy twines through and around them, looking ever so creepy.

I could also see using REAL ivy - DEAD, brown, shriveled ivy - for this project.
Or maybe BLACK faux ivy - with gray spanish moss dangling down!
 (Sorry, bad pic - but I love his face!)
This is a great decor idea for a front porch, entry hall, or over the dining table.
Just think of all of the 'helping hands' you'd have around!

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Find Roger's Gardens here


Happy HalloWEEK! part 1

Everyone knows that the celebrating lasts longer than one night :)
so for the whole week, I'm posting fun ideas and inspiration EVERY DAY on
the homewardFOUND decor facebook page!
(Did you know that you don't have to be a facebook user to see that page content?!
Click over and check it out! )

 I've rounded up my six BEST pumpkin ideas for you:
for making stale old pumpkin decor look shiny and new

Go on, get your spooky on!

PS: like that 'spider web-by' embellished umbrella in my photo? see more here

shared online:

Yesterday on Tuesday | Project Inspire{d}


Faux Painted 'Concrete' Pumpkin Tutorial

painting, tutorials, faux painting, faux finish, faux concrete, patina, texture, secret painting tips, faux concrete pumpkins, faux concrete styrofoam head
I was inspired by a trip to Roger's Gardens Nursery in Corona del Mar, California
when I spied some HUGE, GINORMOUS concrete pumpkins at their store:

One look at them, and I had a craft project in mind!
My versions would be smaller, naturally, and also lighter in color....
 I wanted mine to be a bit more subtle and less scary than Roger's Gardens versions, 
so I went with lighter gray paint.
You can easily do this with dark gray and black paint to get the same results as in the photos up above...
painting, tutorials, faux painting, faux finish, faux concrete, patina, texture, secret painting tips, faux concrete pumpkins, faux concrete styrofoam headpainting, tutorials, faux painting, faux finish, faux concrete, patina, texture, secret painting tips, faux concrete pumpkins, faux concrete styrofoam head
Follow my tutorial below 
to transform some gaudy orange Dollar Tree pumpkins into concrete classics,
using my simple faux paint tutorial - including my 'secret ingredient'!

Faux Concrete Pumpkin Tutorial

styrofoam pumpkins (this canteloupe-sized pumpkin is $1.00 at the Dollar Tree)
acrylic / craft paint in white, black, and dove gray - matte finish
cup of water
palette (I use a paper plate)
paint brushes - large for base coat, smaller for details
and A SECRET INGREDIENT to be divulged later!

Step 1:
First, basecoat the entire pumpkin with white paint. Let dry.
Step 2:
Mix some gray paint into white paint on the palette,
then cover the pumpkins completely with this color.

(I left the stems unpainted until the end so I could use them as 'handles' while painting)

You will now be working in a 'Wet on Wet' paint technique, 
which means you will move on to the next step before the paint dries completely...
Step 3:
 Pour some straight gray paint onto the palette. 
Mix in a bit of water to create a runny consistency, to create a 'wash'.
Using a smaller detail brush, paint the grooves of the pumpkin with the gray wash,
and also the whole bottom (underneath) of the pumpkin.
Before the paint dries,
Step 4:

Add a little bit of water to the pale gray paint left on your palette (from step 2)
and brush it with a 'scrubbing' motion over the edges of the dark gray lines in the grooves.
You want to smooth out the edges, not cover all of the dark gray.
Leave some of the dark gray visible on the bottom of the pumpkin.
At this point, I painted the stems with the dark gray color.

Still working with wet paint over wet paint,
Step 5:
Add a bit more white paint to the lightest gray to make a very light gray wash.
Use the smaller detail brush to 'scrub' the white paint
across the top edges of the ridges on the pumpkin.
Blend this color in well so there are no divisions of color on the pumpkin - just smooth transitions.

While the paint is still wet...

Step 6:
Now is when when we bring in the SECRET INGREDIENT!
It's FLOUR. Bleached flour.
Yes, really....
Wet a small brush with a tiny bit of water, then pick up some flour and put it on the pumpkin, 
in the hollows and grooves of the pumpkin, where the gray wash is wet.
Wet your small brush and pick up more and more flour to get it all over the top and upper side surfaces.
 After the flour is on the pumpkin, use your fingers to press it into the wet paint and smooth it a bit.
Don't forget the bottom!

Let the pumpkin sit to dry for a few minutes.
The flour will absorb some of the paint's moisture, 
causing it to stick to the pumpkin.
After it is dry, brush LIGHTLY with your fingers to remove loose flour.
The flour left on the surface gives the finish the look of dry, flaking concrete.

It's not needed, but if you wish, you can spray the whole pumpkin with matte clear sealer
 or with hairspray. Works just as well!
painting, tutorials, faux painting, faux finish, faux concrete, patina, texture, secret painting tips, faux concrete pumpkins, faux concrete styrofoam head
 Your pumpkins will look like they are made of concrete, and they will weigh almost nothing!

This painting method will also work on plastic pumpkin buckets, 
making them look like hollow concrete planters & vases!
.(spray the inside of the bucket with gray outdoor furniture paint so it's waterproof)

I also used this method on a plain old styrofoam head form.... and it's awesome!

painting, tutorials, faux painting, faux finish, faux concrete, patina, texture, secret painting tips, faux concrete pumpkins, faux concrete styrofoam head
painting, tutorials, faux painting, faux finish, faux concrete, patina, texture, secret painting tips, faux concrete pumpkins, faux concrete styrofoam head
(that's one of my original Junk Queen Crowns from way back in 2008 on her head -
with bleached leaves added for fall )

I've used this paint technique in another project...
Come see what else I transformed with paint! 

shared online:

funky junk interiors | diy salvaged junk projects #440

thank you for the feature, Miss Donna! 

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