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DIY Gold!

I'm all about sharing 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM ideas 
that make use of the 'everyday stuff' you have on hand...
giving things a little boost or using them in a new way 
to help you attain Seasonal Style at Home.

Well, when I saw THIS idea on a friend's blog, it was just SO easy and SO perfect

for our seasonal transition from summer to fall
that I contacted him to ask if I could share it here on HOMEWARDfound...
and he said yes!

Michael of Inspired by Charm was inspired by Jan of Poppycock 
who pinned this fun idea for painting kids' magnetic letters with paint -  
and he re-created the idea using very trendy gold paint.
Now if that's not a case of 'making do' with STYLE, I don't know what is!

Head over to Inspired by Charm to see Michael's post 
and follow his tips for adding a little gleam to your fridge!

Click 'Read More' on the left to find out what ELSE Michael is up to!