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Charmed, I'm Sure!

This blog is, for the most part, about seasonal home decor.
But once in awhile, we girls just need to decorate OURSELVES, don'tcha' think???

Well, I do! And when I found something today that fits right in with
my 'found object' obsession and my 'fast, cheap & easy' decor style,
I wanted to share it - to hopefully inspire you to create something similar: 
a charm bracelet
This is a really easy, inexpensive and quick project made from stuff you already have.

And I'd bet that like me,
you don't even KNOW what kinda' stuff you already have...
start looking around the house, and you'll come up with a lot!

continue reading for the how-to!


Published: Creating Vintage Charm Magazine Fall Issue

the fall issue of Creating Vintage Charm Magazine is now available!
orders are placed online via MagCloud, then the magazine will be mailed to you.
yes, this is a REAL magazine you can hold in your hands!
it is not available in stores, only via MagCloud online.

i am honored to be included as a new contributor in this issue, 
and thank editor in chief Sonia Cardona Crouse for the opportunity.
Creating Vintage Charm is filled with beautiful inspiration, crafts, seasonal decor, book reviews, 
home & business features and more for the fall season.

all of this remarkable content is contributed by an amazing group of women from across the globe - 
just LOOK at the lineup!


VIP Pumpkins!

look what you can do with my sweater pumpkin tutorial!!!
if you'd like to make your own versions of my original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins,
you can get the tutorial here 

this is Big Bear (been in the family for decades, and is very, very well-loved)
holding some VIP (Very Impressive Pumpkins) that i recently made 
for some VIP (Very Important Precious ones) kids in my life...

when i came across some very elusive sweaters with orange stripes, 
i knew i just had to make these with them.
my nephew, nieces, and grandsons will be the happy recipients of these fall treats.

over the years, i have seen so many different and creative versions made using my tutorial...
please share your photos on the HOMEWARDfound facebook page
or leave a link in your comment here so we can all see what you've made!


bountiful pumpkin harvest!

many of you have ordered a set of the Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins from me(thank you thank you thank you!)
and now you might be wondering... "ok.... now what do i DO with 'em?"
here's a quick rundown of ideas for displaying Sweet Sweater Pumpkins
with photos from some of the displays i've created over the years in my home and at shows....

As shown in the top photo:
1. pop a glass dome over them!
place a selection of pumpkins on a silver charger, china plate, or glass cake stand,
and as my friend Sue Kirby says, "DOME IT, DARN IT!"
it's a great way to create a simple centerpiece that is easy to move
 2. heap them into an urn!
 this is a simple metal garden urn that i PAINTED to look rusty, crusty, and aged.
it sets off the softness of the pumpkins perfectly.
grand as a dining table centerpiece, on a counter, or on an entryway table.
 3. mix them with natural elements and glassware
this photo shows a glass footed bowl, filled with pumpkins of several types,
bleached leaves, a bird nest, and some dried roses.

there's a lot of texture here to keep it interesting... rough, smooth, natural, man-made.
this is on a sideboard, but it would also work in an entryway on a table or shelf.
 4. go simple: lay a few on a white ironstone tray, or a wood bread board
perfect for display on a tabletop or shelf.
this is the photo that appeared in FOLK Magazine's fall 2011 issue.
 5. mix and match
pumpkins made from several different materials (sweaters, clay, resin) 
are placed together in a small vignette atop a sideboard.
 7. spill them out of harvest baskets
this works great on a porch, a sideboard, a large counter space, or in a retail display.
real fall leaves create a soft bed for them to sit on.
 7. go for the gold!
gather baskets, containers, candleticks, and pedestals... and paint them GOLD.
heap baskets full of pumpkins, lift a pumpkin up on a candlestick,
and bring a bountiful harvest to your table or display.

the photo below is a close-up of the shot above,
and hones in on some of the details of the display:
lace doilies under some of the pumpkins and vintage sheet music tucked into baskets as a liner, 
and the different levels that the pumpkins are displayed on. 
so those are a few of my ideas... not all of them, tho ;0) more to come.

 i ALSO have some posts coming up that show how you can 
ADD details to your pumpkins to personalize them! stay tuned!

All year long, you can use my tutorial, to make some of your own: CLICK HERE