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Charmed, I'm Sure!

This blog is, for the most part, about seasonal home decor.
But once in awhile, we girls just need to decorate OURSELVES, don'tcha' think???

Well, I do! And when I found something today that fits right in with
my 'found object' obsession and my 'fast, cheap & easy' decor style,
I wanted to share it - to hopefully inspire you to create something similar: 
a charm bracelet
This is a really easy, inexpensive and quick project made from stuff you already have.

And I'd bet that like me,
you don't even KNOW what kinda' stuff you already have...
start looking around the house, and you'll come up with a lot!

continue reading for the how-to!

As you can see above, there's nothing particularly precious or valuable on my bracelet...

I simply dug through old boxes in storage and the craft supply drawers in my studio,
then raided my own and my mom's jewelry box (with permission! ).
I found a lot of hearts, so that was the (seasonally appropriate) theme I went with.

The resulting collection of 'little bits' was easily attached to the chain bracelet
using jewelry jump rings and a pair of small pliers.
No special stuff was required to make this simply charming piece.

I just love that one touch of red in the heart charm!

See that vintage bottle cap on my bracelet?
You've seen that before:

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  1. ADORABLE!!! Love this. I want to make one... not sure I'll ever find time but sheesh... so fun, I can imagine you'd wear it every day of the year. Hugs your way, Miss Talent!

    1. Sharyn, I'd bet you would come up with a charm bracelet to wear every day, too! I can only IMAGINE the marvelous treasures that you would unearth in your studio! ;)

  2. What a great idea!!! It must be super cool to have all those little memories in one place! Just stopping by to pin this, and to let you know I featured it on my blog today!

    1. Jessi, thank you so much for visiting - and what an honor to be featured on your lovely blog! <3