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'as seen in BHG!'

 A few weeks ago, I received a very nice message from LuLu Tapp,
owner and photographer extraordinaire from DustyLu Interiors & Photography in Los Angeles.
She let me know that my little pumpkins were going to appear
in the feature on her lovely home
in the Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats 2013!

After I picked myself up off the floor, I thanked her. Profusely!
And I've been on the lookout for the issue ever since.

Monday, she messaged me "Hey Deb!!! Its out its out!!! On newsstands now!!!Woot woot!"
At nearly the same time, a friend sent me the cover shot shown above,
then another friend sent me an interior image that includes my 2012 Harvest pumpkins:
This is one of Lulu's photos of her gorgeous home from the magazine... LOVE!

Being able to use the words 'As Seen in BHG' is just a dream come true -
I am so very thankful for the opportunity.
I originated this design, and have been making and selling them for many years,
and it's nice to finally be 'noticed' this way.

I saw a comment that Lulu made on Instagram and it made me do backflips:
"Better Homes and Gardens editor was flipping over the pumpkins and botanicals  -
I think she wanted to take them!!! Lolol"

Lulu discovered my original Sweet Sweater Pumpkins last fall, at Kymberley Fraser's store 'A Beautiful Mess'.
They looked like this in her display:

Thank you again, Kymberley, for your support!


It's All In the Details...

I am smack in the middle of a residential decorating project 
(and you BET I am photographing it for future posts!)
so today I am sharing some of my images of past Fourth of July & Summer decor...
where the simplicity of small details makes all the difference.


Photo Finish

I love capturing scenes, light, nature, and settings in photos.
Wherever I go, I have a camera with me. Even if it's just my iPhone.
And I take a LOT of photos!

But it took me YEARS to realize that my own photos would be 'worthy' of being displayed in my home.

I'm not a trained photographer, I just photograph what I LOVE - 
and what better images to display in my own rooms than that?
Each season, I try to capture new images of natural colors and settings 
to add to my collection, and to display on my inspiration boards and in frames.

continue reading for more tips!