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The Wintered Garden

I've always been amazed at the way a landscape transforms 
when covered with the simplicity of pure white snow...

Monday morning, I sent off some of my photographs of a snowy garden landscape
[snapped in Seattle in Winter, 2012 before I moved away]
to Broadway+Thresher Magazine editor David Gobeli, 
and he's turned them into a blog post today!

See the B+T blog post here

Black & white images like those inspire a perfect decor combination for winter...

Mixed with warm wood tones, black and white create a fresh, crisp color palette
 that reflects the snowy landscape outdoors...

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the Beauty of Simplicity

this time of year, it seems we all do a bit of cleaning and clearing, 
ready to embrace the simplicity of a blank calendar and clean rooms.
i'd like to share some inspiring 'simple' decor with you, along with a story...

once upon a time, 
there were two incredibly talented men named Joe and Jermonne
who created a style all their own...
Barn House style.

they hosted a beautiful vintage show on their farm in the Pacific Northwest,
a gathering of great ideas, original style, and a group of fun & talented people
that drove design trends and appeared in magazines everywhere.

take a look at what their own booth at the show looked like in 2011:
their own personal aesthetic in their restored home was as unique and masculine as they are...
feed sack and driftwood as art installations
simple accessories: interesting wood finds, heaped in a bowl and a stack of guest towels

 it was a rustic yet refined style,
a mix of rough farmhouse + worn industrial that felt warm and welcoming.
they filled their home with the beauty that came from simplicity...
soft, natural colors. a mix of textures. streamlined yet detailed vignettes.
a gathering of objects both found and fine that enhanced every corner of their rooms.
an old screen door on the entrance to the laundry room added charm
and that memorable 'SLAM' that we all love...

i was lucky - beyond blessed - to spend time in that lovely home, on their farm,
as a vendor in their vintage show for several years.
[they were also gracious enough to be vendors in my show -
their booth at my show is shown in the photo of them above]
in the stillness of morning, i snapped the images you see here.

they aren't perfectly staged and styled shots - 
because that's not how 'the Boys' lived.
over the years, other photographers chose to stage and style these interiors for magazines,
yet to me, their own perfected rustic style needed no help at all.
It had depth and heart and soul, all on its own - every day.
isn't that exactly what we ALL want our homes to be?
not perfect, but
simply beautiful...

the Boys sold their farm, relocated to Texas, and are no longer in business.
but that doesn't mean they can't still inspire beautiful decorating... 
and I knew you'd enjoy their wonderful style!


Pink Holiday

So, if you're a Shabby girl and have a pale pastel color scheme in your home,
how do you escape the abundance of red and green in the store decor aisles?
Get inspired by the elegant pink, white and gold color palette of this display...
and then head to vintage stores to go shopping! 

This GORGEOUS setting was a photo booth,
 set up at the recent Vintage Marketplace Show in Southern California.
[Props provided by 'Touched by Time' Vintage Rentals
Styling by Deborah Watts of 'Blossoms Vintage Chic' & Monique Hemminger]

I don't think too many words are necessary here...
just sit back and enjoy the beauty of vintage, second-hand, found, and heirloom items
combined into a stunningly feminine and glamorous Holiday decor scheme!

 [inserting a word or two here: the photo above is my favorite image from this series!]

The photos below were snapped in show hostess Rita Reade's booth, 'Mammabellarte':

... from big props and large visual effects to tiny details, 
incorporating your favorite hues into your Holiday decor is as simple as
letting your existing decor lead the way!

shared online:

OPC & TBH | The Humble Brag


Tablescape Contest Winner!

Last July, I created a tablescape in the dining room of my brother and sister in law's home,
as part of a whirlwind three-day Weekend Makeover of their house. 

And when fashionista tableware designer Rosanna Bowles of Rosanna Inc.
announced her 7th Annual Tablescape Contest,
I sent in photos of what I had created - along with the fun story of my makeover ambush!

I found out on Thursday morning that my design was a finalist.
And Friday night, when I clicked into facebook, I saw the update: 
My design tied for third place!
Along with our entries, we had to share a story about the tablescape...so I did.
And Rosanna is sharing it on her Table Talk blog.

[I didn't realize that the WHOLE story I sent in would be published,
as it's a bit more personally revealing than I have been publicly. But that's ok.
Perhaps it will serve as an encouragement to someone who reads it...]

I am so honored to have been chosen by Rosanna and her employees...
[I also really miss being able to shop her fabulous warehouse sales in Seattle!]

Here are a few more photos of my tablescape

 In this post, I showed you how 'the Judy's' used a plain pine board as a centerpiece base - 
I did the same thing on this table, using a white wood shelf that was sitting in the garage.
Clear glass vases filled with sand, shells, and a candle now stand out from the dark table.

 [I'll have new ones soon!]

Order Sweet Sweater Pumpkins HERE - now in FIVE colors, including PINK!

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