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Photo Finish

I love capturing scenes, light, nature, and settings in photos.
Wherever I go, I have a camera with me. Even if it's just my iPhone.
And I take a LOT of photos!

But it took me YEARS to realize that my own photos would be 'worthy' of being displayed in my home.

I'm not a trained photographer, I just photograph what I LOVE - 
and what better images to display in my own rooms than that?
Each season, I try to capture new images of natural colors and settings 
to add to my collection, and to display on my inspiration boards and in frames.

continue reading for more tips!

At the end of spring, I happened upon a very cool historical village setting here in Southern California,
and I snapped the photos you see here.
I was specifically looking at the locale with the Summer season in mind -
so all of these photos are very geared to a summery red-white-blue color scheme and outdoor locale.

I have to say that my jaw DROPPED when I walked up to the little gray garage and read the plaque...
This was Walt Disney's FIRST STUDIO!
It was originally located in Burbank, CA (about an hour north of this location) at Walt's uncle's home.
It was donated and moved to this location several years ago,
and I can't wait to go back and see the memorabilia that they have on display INSIDE it!

[I am a HUGE admirer of Walter Elias Disney. 
My grandfather met him while helping to build 'It's A Small World', and respected him greatly. My newly-resurrected childhood dream is to work in a creative capacity at Disneyland :) Workin' on that!*
* i got that dream-come-true in January 2014!]

The great thing is that I can go back and photograph completely different buildings
and they will work perfectly for the Autumn season.

it's all in what you see...

The buildings shown are part of the Historical Village at Stanley Ranch in Garden Grove.
Find info about it online here. 
[I consider that name to be an amazing coincidence...
my grandfather was Stanley Ward. ;)]

Have you ever considered your own favorite vacation spots, local points of interest, and natural scenery as 'photo worthy'?

Get that camera out - even if it's just your iPhone - and look at your surroundings with a fresh eye.
You can create your own personalized and color-coordinated decor accents & wall art
right in your own backyard!


  1. Good luck achieving your dream working at Disneyland. I have complete faith that it will come true. You certainly have the creative vision!

    1. Cyndi, it DID!!!! ON January 31, 2014, I became a Disney Cast Member! ;)