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Embellished Bottle Wall Vase

I just came across these two photos of a past product that I made and sold,
and since they are Patriotically themed, I thought I'd share them!

It's a 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM project for summer,
using a scrap of wood, a sheet of vintage music, and an old bottle.

A 1" pine board scrap is painted, then covered with a piece of vintage sheet music
[the one above is 'America the Beautiful'-perfect for July decor!]

A piece of baling wire holds the bottle securely on the board.
Put a screw into the front of the board and wrap a wire around it, then tightly around the bottle.
[make it possible to untwist the wire and remove the bottle, so you can fill with water]
Then put two screws into the top outer corners of the board, 
and attach another wire to hang the whole thing on the wall.

I also added a few patriotic words snipped from old books to the front of the bottles.
[I only use damaged books for that!]

Place a single flower in the vase, or perhaps a vintage flag!

I displayed them for sale this way - 
hanging on an old crib spring that was hung on the barn wall.

Yes, you CAN do this!
Don't have scrap wood?
Grab some from the scrap bins at the local hardware store.
Don't have vintage sheet music?
Look online for images you can download and print, or use a magazine or book page instead.
 And even a new bottle will work for this project!

See more of my embellished bottle creations here

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