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All American Style: Dresser Makeover

Looking for some inspired and LOW COST ideas for your Summer home decor?
Here's what can be done with a little bit of carpentry work and a few coats of paint
to a piece that may start out very UN-inspiring...

The mid-century (1950's) dresser shown in the 'before' photo wasn't too appealing-
except for the fact that it was found for free in the remnants of a friend's garage sale!

Combined with some old boards, new knobs and feet, a little router work, and paint treatments,
the one-of-a-kind piece in the 'after' photo is ready to be a star 
in an an entryway, guest room, family room, or even on a patio for Summertime fun!

* The long tapered legs (very dated look) were chopped off just below the case. 
Then four large ball feet purchased from the hardware store were screwed into place.

 * A new top was added over the existing dresser top, 
made from some old, peely-paint T&G siding pieces, placed side by side. 
The new top measured @ 3" larger all around, to add more dimension to the piece.
* 2" crown moulding was added to make the new top a seamless fit to the old piece.

* Up close, you can see the grooves in the drawer fronts - cut in with a thin router blade to mimic barnwood.
* The entire piece was painted white.
Then, the drawers and cabinet door were all painted dark blue, then more layers of  white and red were applied. 
A dry-brush application of white over the blue and red followed, 
then a careful sanding with fine-grit sandpaper revealed the graduations of color 
and made the grooves stand out on each section.

Best part? The paint was free at the garage sale, too!

* Simple round white ceramic knobs were added to the original drawer pull holes on the piece - 
their quirky offset placement was charming!

The finished piece has no hint of the dated, Danish-inspired design it began with. 
Instead, it displays classic country lines with charming All American Style!

[This project was completed in 2010 by my late husband and I for our business 'Retreat'.
It was purchased and lives in a beach house on Camano Island, WA ]

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  1. Hi Deb! I love your patriotic makeover - this looks wonderful! Sharing on my FB page today - have a happy July 4th!