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Easy Bandana Banner

Party Banners seem to be everywhere...
and while I know that it's not THAT hard to cut and glue or sew burlap or canvas to make one,
there's a SUPER EASY way to get this effect in no time at all...
and you'll be able to use the materials in other ways when you are done using it.
Getting double use out of decor elements? LOVE.

continue reading for my EASY version of a banner, 

made with Bandanas from the Dollar Store!
 Deb's Bandana Banner

* Grab some bandanas from the Dollar Tree store.
A bargain at buck each, and available in many colors.
[ you can ALSO use printed fabric napkins for this project!]
* Hang a length of string or twine between trees, posts, etc.
wherever you want the banner to hang.
* Place each bandana over the string/twine as shown below -  
on the diagonal, not straight.
* Use wood clothespins from the Dollar Tree or craft store
  to hold both corners of the bandana to the string.

[The bandanas shown in this post are actually large napkins, 
cut from a bandana-print fabric.
Getting regular bandanas is the SUPER EASY method.

That's it. You're done!

You can also mix and match colors, grab a paint pen or stencils & paint to add letters,
or add a few ribbons between the bandanas, as shown.
But easy is good!

I'm talking so easy that you can throw it all together in a few minutes
when you decide to invite the neighbors over for an evening drink & appetizers - poolside.
If you have the fabric, string and clothespins already on hand, it's quick to assemble,
then hang over the bar or the table. or both.

Bandanas also make great napkins:
* folded or rolled, displayed in a Coke bottle carrier caddy on your buffet
* rolled and tucked into the handles of enamelware cups at each placesetting on your table.
I shot these images on the same day that I did
 the Coke bottle carrier caddy and soda bottle flower vases.
[Maybe I just had drinks on my mind that day... bottles, bars.... who knows!]

Do you want a little peek into the 'behind the scenes' of the photos? yeah?

that bar? not a bar.
i faked it. and then i decided to show it - because you can do this, too!!!
yeah. it really is THAT EASY!

this structure is the base of a FABulous backyard project created in 2020 -
check out the TIKI bar i made! 


  1. I've never even thought about using bandannas as decorations and I see them at Hobby Lobby all the time, this is a great idea! I love that red white and blue are also the union jack colors! So I can decorate double!!

  2. The bandanas look great as patriotic decor! It's one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas. And even better that you can just take it apart and use them for other things. Looks like your July 4th will be very festive!

  3. That is a really, really, really cute idea. I have some great bandannas that I have been trying to figure out a use for them. I have it now!!!! xo Diana