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It's All Bottled Up!

Don't you just LOVE it when you find something you already have
that you can make use of for your upcoming party or holiday decor? I do!

I was searching through the garage cabinets one day for paint,
and discovered a hoard of vintage soft drink bottles under there!

I knew exactly what I'd use them for: flower vases in a patriotic tablescape...
The vintage Coke and Pepsi graphics on the bottles
coordinate perfectly with the patriotic color scheme in this summer setting by the pool...

I even used some blue blown-glass plant watering bulbs to bring in more color,
because it doesn't always HAVE to be about flowers in your centerpiece.

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Red geraniums are a summer staple, inexpensive at the garden center or free in your yard.
Agapanthus blooms in white and blue remind me of fireworks -
and could anything be more fitting for the Fourth of July?

oh, but don't stop at the bottles... there's more!
Even the cardboard Coke bottle box can be repurposed as a cute caddy for flatware & napkins!
It could also hold candy on a dessert table, or condiments for your burgers & hot dogs on a buffet.

It's really all about making use of what you have on hand
by seeing it with fresh eyes !


  1. They are absolutely PERFECT for a vintage party look. Love the idea and your setting looks very patriotic- xo Diana

  2. The flowers even look like fireworks! You are amazing! And, I just love the bottle holder idea too! Genius!