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Fall Tablescape: Urban Style

this fall tablescape inspiration goes to show that sometimes, 
the most UNexpected touches have the biggest impact...
starting with the centerpiece, we see the VERY non-traditional choice of black.
this is, decidedly, NOT your grandma's Thanksgiving table!

stacking serving bowls and plates and platters creates tiered display pedestals,
which are loaded up with vegetables and fruits in a green - brown - black scheme
that would fit an urban setting perfectly...

the star of the composition is a soft sage-green pumpkin with the word 'blessings'.
this one was scratched with a nail during the growing process and healed over
[but you could get a similar effect 
by using a tan or brown paint pen to write your chosen word]
a brown crust of bread and green vegetables add to the color palette

candles are displayed in simple clear glass holders, 
which coordinate with the clear glassware used at each place setting.
why NOT play around with your table settings?!
Scrabble tiles stand in for place markers and in votive candle cups
and giant versions of the tiles serve as coasters and accents in the centerpiece...
[you might even make up games to play during dinner, using the letter tiles!]

I used this candle idea again in this 5 minute fall tablescape 

the use of clear glasses, simple everyday flatware,  and the unusual choice of black dinnerware 
adds chic, contemporary, urbane style to this table.

the green linen napkins reflect the colors in the vegetables, and a wood napkin ring is used in an unexpected way:
the napkin ring holds a green [fig? nut? no idea what these are. 
i found them on the ground at a local park and grabbed them because of their COLOR!] 
and sits on TOP of the napkin, which is folded into a square and placed in a bowl.

a variation on this style would be to use a sage green tablecloth, coordinating with the napkin and pumpkins:
coming up on Wednesday, another variation on this look will appear
 in my guest post over on the BROADWAY+THRESHER magazine blog
it features some great ideas for a cocktail or dessert party!

You can find my tutorial for making Giant Letter Tiles HERE!

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