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Front Porch Holiday Decor: Raid the Garden Shed AGAIN!

when you drag out the holiday decorations, what area do you decorate FIRST?
i'm a front door / front porch kinda' person. 
i figure if you begin by creating a warm seasonal welcome at the door,
everything else you do looks that much better!

OK, i'll fess up...
i also think that if your front door / porch is decorated the day after Thanksgiving, 
you blow your neighbors away. 
you win the neighborhood 'who gets their lights and wreath up first' contest.
even if the inside of your house looks like a tornado hit, you look like superwoman!
so, let's start at the front door!

in THIS POST back in August,
i shared photos of my fall front porch: 
well, the decor you see in the photos in today's post is based on the SAME elements used back then:
stuff from the garden shed!
 the galvanized buckets, watering can, and plant stand all stayed in place for the Holidays.

after removing the fall grasses, leaves and pumpkins,
i flipped over the bottom bucket, and then filled all of them up with greens
that i cut from our trees.
the details include a little miniature tree [fake],
pinecones, a birdnest, a banner & burlap stocking that i made
one very cool vintage light globe nestled into the top bucket of greens
is lit from within [night light bulb] to add a soft glow at night.
it looked like a glowing white snowball
and regarding those greens....
you're going to want to pay close attention here, 
because this is my NUMBER ONE 'TOP TIP' for Holiday decorating on the cheap!

stalk the landscapers in your neighborhood. 
know when they come - not just to do YOUR yardwork,  but the neighbors. and the common areas.
take them a plate of cookies
[why, yes, i AM suggesting that you SCHMOOZE them!]
and then ask them for some cuttings...
evergreens, pine, fir, cedar, boxwood, magnolias, bay laurel, cypress -
no matter where you live, there are always bushes, trees, and hedges being trimmed.

just ask them for the greens before they load it all into their chippers or trucks.
 you will be saving them money when they go to the landfill, so they usually always hand over the goods.

if you live in a rural area, always make sure you have permission to be on the property to cut boughs.
and don't steal them from your neighbor's yard at midnight ;0)

i have been known to pillage greenery from abandoned warehouse complex parking lots
but i am not recommending that YOU do that!

ok, back to the porch...
there was also a very long wood bench (made from an old headboard)
that i cozied up with a huge burlap pillow and a bagful of 'gifts' - 
really just simple boxes tied with burlap & ribbon.
between the bench and the door, there's one of my old folding wire shopping carts,
filled with greenery.
an old snowsled leans against the wall behind the cart, 
and an old brown umbrella is a fitting final touch for the Washington winter weather. 

i didn't buy anything to decorate with -
i just combined things i already had to create a mood.
the white, brown, green, and gray color palette
made for a serene setting that coordinated with the beach house,
and it welcomed neighbors, friends, and family well into January, too...


  1. Wonderful ideas as usual Deb! Everything looks so pretty!
    I have my first tree up and decorated...in my bedroom. The porch still has pumpkins on it, but I'll be working on it this week.
    Need to find me some greenery!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sweetie!

  2. As usually your special touch pulls it all together beautifully. Wonder what I have laying around?


  3. Great article. Lots of inspiration. Thank you.

  4. I had to laugh out loud when I read about your "stalking" of the landscapers. I have done this for years! If my kids are with me, they know exactly what I am getting ready to do and always plead, "MOM! PLEASE DON'T!!" Of course, I never listen! I recently had the landscapers who were trimming our trees at the office load up the entire back of my van with berried branches they were cutting! I was devastated that I had no room for more, as there was so much of it, and it was going to go to waste!