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Warm Up With a Scarf Wreath!

over the years, i've grabbed whatever is at hand (or, um, on the floor...)
to create interesting and personal decor for my home each season -
and that's REALLY the case for the Holidays.
an old wreath form gets a new lease on life around here quicker than you can say 
'Fast, Cheap, & Easy'!TM

above and below are two of my own wreaths,
and let me tell you - making them is SO SIMPLE!

here's a quick tutorial:
1. grab a foam or straw wreath form (new or used)
2. find a knit scarf or two (new or used)
3. pin one short end of the scarf to the top of the form (use long straight pins)
4. wrap the scarf tightly around the wreath form, pinning as you go.
5. when you get to the end, pin in place.

if it's a big wreath form, you'll need more scarves. 
hit the dollar store or goodwill for cheap and colorful materials!
you can add whatever you want to embellish the wreath

for the soft knit wreath above, i used burlap and vintage ribbon to make a 'bow' 
then added a bling-y 'blessing' ornament and a vintage crystal.
 [the wreath is hung on my screen door from a woven grass belt!]
 for this one, i used a knit scarf with fun fringed ends.
when both ends met at the top after wrapping it, i foofed the fringe out
and added a vintage ribbon and a flower made from an old chenille stem.
a simple piece of heavy cardstock offers a welcoming message.
 this one is made up of a super-long scarf that i made out of sweater remnants,
tied with a bitty 'scarf' (another remnant), and a felt snowflake ornament.

find my scarf wreath tutorial here

 mine are simple, because that's my style.

now, there are some other gals out there making some drool-worthy wreaths
out of scarves, sweaters, and felted fabrics...
get a load of these!

all three of these brilliant ideas are from the amazingly talented Betz White!

how about this beauty from Bloomsbury Loft!

i met owner/designer Judith last May at the Springfield Ohio Antique Show,
and was instantly delighted by her colorful palette and playful creations. 

this one is from RecoverGirl  - and her post is a tutorial!

in the course of research for this post, i discovered that 
the tv show CRAFT WARS actually had a challenge for contestants
to make a Christmas wreath from old sweaters!

Margot Potter was one of the contestants on that episode,
and she's sharing her considerable talents 
for creating this yarn-wrap wreath in a tutorial on her blog!

are you inspired yet?!

go ahead - grab some of those old funky Christmas sweaters hidden in the attic
(yeah, the ones that look like Bill Cosby wore them in the 80's)
and make some colorful flowers for your knit scarf wreaths!

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