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Summertime Blues: DIY Party Decor

It doesn't take a lot of work or money to put together beautiful decor - 
and these simple decor suggestions for a summertime party will help you do it in style
without spending a lot...

Let me share a few tips and photos with you
from one of my own summer dinner parties in my yard:
Greet your guests with style:
This pretty floral arrangement sits on a table just inside my front garden gate...
It's where the appetizers and wine were served as guests arrived,
so I wanted to set the tone of the party right at the entrance.

The color scheme is established with the appearance of blue hydrangeas,
tucked into a collection of enamelware pieces. 
The vintage enamelware buckets and dishpan with lid stayed out on the patio all year long, 
changed up with various flowers and fruit/vegetable displays to suit the seasons.

Having go-to containers for quick decor changes is a smart idea for easy decor.

continue reading to see more easy decor ideas!

Create a special setting:
The dinner table was set up under a white 10X20 party canopy,
both for shade on a hot summer day and for a sense of enclosure in a front yard garden space.
The [ugly] metal legs of the canopy were swathed in $5 white netting curtain panels from IKEA,
and the end of the setup nearest the street had a few panels across it for a bit of privacy.
In front of that end curtain is the serving table
[which I do not have a clear photo of, sorry]
filled with white serving dishes and a large white bucket of more blue hydrangeas.

There's another table just visible above, covered with a vintage blue & white check tablecloth -
This round table was used to serve dessert from.
[the dinner dishes were cleared from the dining table, and placed back on the serving table]

Overhead, bright blue paper lanterns from the Dollar Tree store
are hung from a line of party lights with blue mini-lanterns, for festive lighting after dark.

[I wish I had had white folding chairs for this party... but I used what I had, and that was black.]
The table decor is very simple, 
and the mix of blue hues makes it interesting:

Bright blue cotton napkins are used as placemats over a white tablecloth,
which allows the white dinnerware to pop (instead of blending in to the white cloth).
White napkins are rolled around flatware, 
then tied with a crisp light blue and white striped ribbon.
Clear wine glasses are overturned, with a single white butter clamshell beneath them for interest.

 There's one more detail that you can see in the photo below,
and I'll cop to being a total color-coordinating diva....
even to the point where the wine bottle labels match my color scheme!

The centerpiece runs down the middle of the table,
and is made up of three simple components:

1. a tall clear vase, filled with seashells and water - with a floating candle on top.
[I mentioned this as a way to display sea shells in this post]
2. vintage blue Mason jars, each filled with a generous-sized blue hydrangea blossom.
3.  tealights in clear votive cups placed between the other two elements.

This combination keeps the centerpiece's 'visual weight' low on the table, 
so that guests can see and converse with one another.
The candlelight on two levels reflects and illuminates the table and the guests.

Keep it simple!
The details make all the difference - but they didn't cost a lot!

* the shells were free at the beach
* the ribbon came from the dollar bin at the craft store
* the blue napkins came from the thrift store
* the tall clear vases and votive cups came from the Dollar Tree store
* the blue hydrangeas came from an abandoned commercial center!

The setup of this party in my front yard garden took about three hours,
and most of THAT was setting up the pop up and draping the posts with curtains.
The decor on the dining table plus three serving tables took only an hour.
[I put on great music, grabbed a glass of wine, and enjoyed myself while working!]

It doesn't take a lot of money or work to create a lovely party setting...
keep it simple, use what you have, and throw in a few special (but easy) details
that reflect the season or your theme.
Your guests will be celebrating right along with you!

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  1. This is a gorgeous party setup! I bet your guests loved it too. There's so much beautiful inspiration here. Thanks for sharing, Debi!