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Thrifty Weekend Makeover: Part II

Welcome to Part II of my 
Thrifty Weekend Makeover!

I have some really GOOD NEWS for you:
This just expanded from a 3 part to a 4 part series

I have so many photos to share, I can't fit them all into 3 posts!

When I began this house restyling project for my parents,
I assembled all of the items that I had found in cabinets and cupboards and closets,
 and then went to several thrift stores to pick up other items to use.
Here are some of the main elements and accessories that I used:
The items shown here are split just about 50/50 between what Mom already had
and what I purchased at thrift stores, ReStore, and the Dollar Tree store.
I also found more items in the house to use as I went along.

The Tommy Bahama-inspired tropical theme 
came from my parent's love of Hawaii and their turtle collection
and the color palette grew out of Mom's love of the color turquoise.

I wanted to incorporate her preferences into her rooms - but not overwhelm them with bright color.
Hues of aqua, turquoise, and teal are used in transition through different rooms to connect them,
and are grounded by warm neutral brown tones.

In Part I, I started this tour backwards - from the patio in the backyard -
so today, we move indoors from there for the

Family Room Reveal!

continue reading to see what's just off the patio...
The family room is located on the lowest level of this tri-level home,
and opens onto the Patio shown in Part I of this series.
Before: (on Left side)
The room holds the fireplace, television, and sofas,
and a treadmill on the other side of the room (where I was standing when I took the photo).

After: (on Right side)
* The loveseats move from an angled arrangement to a perpendicular 'L'.
* A bamboo yoga mat [thrifted] lies under the coffee table, to make it stand out from the floor
All of the videos and miscellaneous stuff from the shelves went into baskets that Mom already had.
* There is a lovely desk behind the far loveseat - but you can't see it.
* The light from that lamp ends up IN your eyes, no matter where you sit.
* The accent pillows are pretty old.
* And if you look at the fireplace in the LAST 'before' shot, you'll see that it has dark brick trim.

* The fireplace trim was lightened up -
I used watered-down paint, in a color that matches the visible patio pavers outside.
I also placed a large faux plant in there, to make the 'dark hole' a bit less foreboding. 
* There is a new light fixture: an arching brass multi light fixture now shines down from above,
instead of right into your eyes when you sit here. [it came from the living room]
* I covered the pillows with simple envelope slipcovers, from fabric Mom already had.

* The coffee table sitting on the yoga mat [thrifted], with an arrangement of Dollar Store flowers
in a vintage faux bamboo vase [thrifted] .

* Simple wall decor for a small area, hung with pushpins:
a clock that had been out on the patio, one of mom's hats, and a straw bag [thrifted]

* The mirror you see in the photo on the left above hangs on the door to the garage,
and reflects the pool and light from the backyard.
Next to that door, there is something that I can't wait to show you in my next post!

The lamp and desk that were behind the corner loveseat were moved across the room,
on the same wall that the unseen treadmill is on.
The dated lampshade was exchanged for a fun basket [thrifted]
that matches the woven detail on the lamp
 [which, I might add, I picked out for my mom when I was in high school!]
and now they look like this:
Can you SEE the bamboo-like details on the desk legs?
This baby was MADE to be in a tropical room!
The small picture on the wall has a Hawaiian theme [thrifted]
PS: After these photos were taken, 
I replaced that 1980's phone with a cordless model!

That green wicker chair was up in Mom's bedroom, unused, so I brought it down
and added a turquoise pareo wrap [mine] and newly-covered pillow to it.

Just before you head upstairs to the living & dining room sits the built-in bar. 
Thank goodness for this mirror - 
the room would be very dark without it reflecting light from the backyard.
A few grape-themed items on and around the bar connect to the previous 'wine' theme.
It just lacks color, interest, and impact...

 The tiki bar sign came in from the patio.

Faux Bamboo vases [thrifted] hold more Dollar Tree flowers and leaves,
while a collection of light wood and bamboo trays and coasters
hold colorful bar glasses and cocktail napkins for a perfect Happy Hour.

There honestly isn't anything 'over the top' about this room's makeover -
but it functions better and feels so much more welcoming now. And that's worth it!
This room is getting a new brown sectional sofa soon, and it will fit right in.

That's the thing about these 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM makeovers:
they allow our homes to change and evolve with us and our lifestyle,
without costing us a buncha' money.

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  1. You did a great job of working with what you had om hand. It looks really comfortable and updated. Love the lightened brick on the fireplace. xo Diana