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Thrifty Weekend Makeover: Part I

 Yes, it's another weekend makeover project!
Everyone seemed to enjoy my LAST makeover project so much,
that I thought I'd share this one with you!

This makeover actually preceded - and INSPIRED - the one you saw,
because when my brother and my sister in law saw THIS makeover, they wanted one, too!

 This makeover wasn't entirely FREE - I bought some things at thrift stores to complete it,
so I'm calling it the THRIFTY Weekend Makeover!
 The home, which belongs to my parents, started out kind of Tuscan. And also Beachy.
which was, honestly, confusing...
It now has a very Tropical, Tommy-Bahama style... but I'm not to that part of the story yet...

This makeover actually started with a backyard project:

My Mom was kind of fed up with the aged, faded bamboo fencing on one wall.
My Dad, not really wanting to replace it, remembered a TIP from a friend who lives at the beach:
if you put shellack over old bamboo, it will bring out the original color again.
I doubted this. So did my mom.
But Dad grabbed his can of shellack and got to work - and VOILA! It worked!
[so I grabbed my camera for a 'before' shot, because he was movin' FAST!]
Great results, huh?! It really made a difference.
And I have been instructed to say that Dad is A GENIUS for remembering that tip!

So, you know how backyard projects go, right?
You do one thing. And then you think 'Well, since we did THAT, we should...'
uh huh.

continue reading to see what happened next...

Project One led to Project Two:
There were these old, weathered wooden Tiki wall hangings lying on the side of the house.
I found them, and spray painted them with lime green paint -
thinking, ok, this is a fresh fun summer look and they sure look better than they did.
My Dad was not exactly impressed.
um..... okay...
So, Mom and I went to the craft store and bought a few bottles of bright paint,
and we added details to the Tiki masks.
They got the 'Dad Seal of Approval' - and he hung them on the
newly-refreshed bamboo-covered wall beside the fountain.
oh, yeah, the fountain...
That was Project Three:
Dad grabbed some leftover stone tiles (more are on the pool)
and stood them in front of the cinder blocks that hold the fountain up.
Which led to Project Four:
Mom bought new plants to go into the planter,
and finally Project Five:
Dad found a way to make the small bamboo edging fence FINALLY stand up straight.

Then they enjoyed the backyard for about two days - before going to Hawaii!

Since Hawaii (Kauai, to be exact) is their very favorite place in the whole wide world,
I decided to redecorate their home to surround them with Island Style every day.
Why wait for those two weeks a year when you go on vacation 

to enjoy your surroundings, right? That's MY theory, anyway.

So I went through their cabinets and cupboards and closets to find stuff,
and I started the Thrifty Weekend Makeover project by spiffing up the backyard patio
to make it feel like a true Hawaiian 'lanai'
using only what Mom already had on hand...

 Turquoise blue is my Mom's favorite color, and it coordinates with the pool.
She already had the tropical-print fabric on hand, so I covered the swing cushions with it.
The blue plant pots were already on the patio, and all of the other turquoise accents
(candle holders, vases, acrylic glasses, pillows, towels)
were found in storage cabinets and the garage. She had a lot of it!

 ok, there was ONE THING that I bought at a thrift store for the backyard -
the FABULOUS thatched umbrella!
I walked into a charity thrift shop and it was right in front of me... I just couldn't resist.

It sits next to the steps into the pool,  so that in the heat of mid-day
there's a shady spot to sit while dipping ones' toes into the water.
[and Mom LOVES that spot!]

The 'refresh' tip I shared at the beginning of this post works on bamboo placemats, too!

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm going to go dip MY toes in the pool, while holding a suitably tropical beverage!

Coming up in this week's 

Tropical Style  THRIFTY Weekend Makeover Series:
Reveals of the Living / Dining Room
the Family Room / Bar  and  Guest Bath just off the patio!
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  1. I really liked this post! What excellent tips! Loved the bamboo restore and the tiki masks!! And yes, your Dad is a genius! He married your Mom didnt he??