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A 5 Minute Project to Love

 I found a hidden-away stash of miniature metal frames!
I snagged one and did a quick project with it,  just for me.
True to form, I utilized a 'Fast, Cheap & Easy'TM method:
I grabbed a white paint pen and scribbled all over the metal!
That changed the frame from silver to white  - in a matter of three minutes.
Now the details of the carving really stand out.

I turned the photo print around, stuck a heart on it, added the word 'love',
then I sat it in the back of my miniature 'Grandpa's Truck' in my office:
This took me all of five minutes to make, my friends...
and it's a really sweet little vignette on my shelf that I see dozens of times a day.
It's not only about Valentine's Day coming soon,
but about that truck and the memories of my Grandpa's truck that I love.

I'm sharing this to remind you that
seasonal decorating doesn't have to be a huge undertaking.
It can be something you do in five minutes
just to brighten up a corner or a shelf, or a gift-wrapped present - and your day!


  1. That is a really cute idea. I love the old truck. xo Diana

    1. Diana, thank you so much for your wonderful comments and encouragement! You are always so supportive of my blog, and have been since the very beginning - and I want you to know how MUCH it means to me. You put a huge smile on my face when I see your comments pop up on my moderation page <3