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Color of the Year: yes or no?

Pantone, the leading color authority in the design world, has selected
the 2014 Color of the Year:
Radiant Orchid

 Now, I'm going to be totally honest here...
I am not driven by what Pantone chooses as their color of the year
or what hues and shades are 'IN' in fashion, home decor, and design.

While it's fun to watch what's 'trending' and rising to popularity,
and to sometimes find ways to reflect that in my own surroundings,
I am FAR more interested in expressing my own personal style and preferences.
And I am much more interested in inspiring you to do the same...

 I can't even begin to imagine this color in my home.

OK, wait, that's not entirely true....
I CAN see those beautiful orchids in a white vase on a white shelf,
surrounded by stacks of white books and shells,
or scattered in clear vases on a table for a party.

It would be a temporary punctuation point of color in my pale, neutral world.

In my life, that's all that a 'hot new trend' is...
a way to experiment with something new in a simple, small way that works for me.
I enjoy it for a little while, then replace it with something else.
I don't have to - or want to - change my whole wardrobe or decor to incorporate it.

Pantone creates a new palette of colors for each season,
and those choices help drive the creation of new products to be manufactured and sold.
I've spent a lifetime in the retail industry, and I know that this all has a purpose in the bigger picture.
But when it comes down to how it affects our lives, we ultimately choose what we buy - or don't!

That being said, in a rather amusing coincidence,
one of my daughters gave me a sparkly, spangly purse for Christmas.
Just GUESS what color it is!

 I think I've found a way to use it that works for me:
I turned it into a vase! 
(just like I did HERE last Spring)
Right now, it's holding my potted lavender plant, a potted ivy, and a few silk orchids...
while looking very fashionable!
[you could say this trend is 'in the bag'!]

 Of course, if you want to incorporate this new hue in your rooms,
it's SO easy to do on a budget...
get a quart of paint and revamp a chair, a lamp base, a few picture frames, or a thrifted find.
Add that 'exclamation point' to a room and see how you like it -
preferably BEFORE you buy new wallpaper ;)

See inspiration for using Radiant Orchid here:
Pantone's Color of the Year on Pinterest

How do you feel about fads? 

Do you heartily embrace new trends with gusto?
Do you hesitate and see if it really catches on?
Do you find a small way to include it in your home decor or fashion style?
Or do you eschew trends altogether, and forge your own unique path?

I'd love to hear your opinions on this topic...

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