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Beyond the Garden Gate...

In my last post, I shared that I don't demolish things in a remodel project.
And if I am anywhere near a project, I don't let other people do it, either...

A wood gate to the backyard at my parent's house had seen better days,
and was on the 'Honey-Do' list for replacement.
My Dad was going to remove it, cut it up, and put it in a dumpster.

Ahhhhhhhh..... NO.
Enter Deb and her decidedly 'different' point of view.
After he took it off the posts and removed the hardware,
I took it. Right out from under his nose. I carted it off.

... and cleaned it off, and found a way to use it exactly as it was:
as a headboard!

All I did after cleaning was to lean it against the wall behind the bed.
That's it.
[ This was a 'Fast, Cheap (FREE!) & Easy' decorating project, to be sure ]

I love the worn, weathered finish of the wood
and I also love knowing that my kids ran through that gate in years past.

I already know that in the future, I'll be making this into a big huge square table - 
probably with big huge fence posts as legs.
I might also hang it on a wall as the backdrop for a fabulous found object.
But for now, in the limited space I have here,
it serves to add some beachy outdoor style to my room.
And it didn't end up in a dumpster.

Dad built a whole new gate, then Mom & I painted it.
 It's gonna' last awhile... but in 20 years, I'll bet I have THIS one, too ;)
(no, sadly, i won't... my sweet Dad went home to heaven in 2015 and Mom sold the house.)

btw, i used this same wood gate in another project in 2020 -
it's the backdrop of a faux mantel and fireplace! - check it out here!

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  1. :) I love your headboard! You should see the things we're hoarding right now. We've got some 100 tongue and groove AGED wood that hubby will be making into headboards for the boys. Oh the history! I might be dubbing our home, The Throwaway Cottage. ;)