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Summer's Knocking!

I love changing up the decor on the front door every season!
Lest that sound like a LOT of work and a LOT of storage is needed, lemme' 'splain:

The easiest way to do this is to find a container of some kind to hang on your front door...
like the cute white wire cone-shaped basket shown here.
My Mom actually found this at a thrift store
[the nut didn't fall far from the tree!]
and it is proving to be a perfect way to easily - and inexpensively - freshen up the door decor.

For a fresh spring accent in April, I filled the basket with real moss from the yard 
and faux pink roses that came off of an old wreath Mom had shoved in the garage....  FREE!
A snippet of vintage ribbon and it was done:
Now that Summer is arriving, it's time to refresh the basket.

I went to the dollar store and found everything you see below:
one set of 3 flags, one set of flip-flops, 
1 bunch of red flowers and two bunches of white daisies,
and a red bandana.
Cost? $6.

I wrapped the bandana around the foam already in the cone basket,
then stuck the flags and flowers into the foam.
I shoved the flip flops between the bandana-wrapped foam and the back of the basket,
and hung it all on a nail in the screen door.

Fast. Cheap. Easy.TM
... and at the end of summer, it will be filled up with fall leaves and a big ol' foam pumpkin.
From the dollar store.
Because cheap does not mean tacky! 
Yet because it's so inexpensive, 
it's no big deal to throw it all away - instead of storing it for a whole year.

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  1. Love that it's on the "cheap," plus it's so darn cute and seems easy peasy to switch out for the seasons!

    Enjoy the rest of of your week!