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Cinco de 'Orange Crush' Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
This easy to pull together look was inspired by those chairs in the photo above...
the regular metal folding chairs were pretty old and ugly,
until my Mom went at them with a few cans of orange spray paint!
Now they add a juicy orange accent color to her back patio area.

Mom also painted some old baskets and coffee cans orange,
giving me plenty of color in this Orange Crush Cinco de Mayo party setting.
The elements of this design are galvanized metals, burlap, and the color orange.
I rounded up galvie buckets from the garden bar, burlap from my office stash,
and everything orange I could find around the house!

The 'grass' umbrella establishes a south-of-the-border theme,
and the super-easy burlap & paper banner adds a splash of color to the green backdrop.

continue reading to see more ideas!

The banner is just triangles of burlap and thick wrapping paper,
 clipped to a string with tiny clothespins.

 Those old metal chairs that my Mom painted look cool, but can get hot in the sun...
laying a color-coordinated tee shirt on the seat helps protect the legs of whomever sits down next!
[ You could also do this over the back of the chair - just use an XL shirt!]

A galvanized metal lantern is customized to match the party decor
by wrapping a snippet of orange paper around a glass votive cup,
then hanging the lantern from the umbrella overhead using an orange ribbon.

 The table is set up for an easy poolside service area:
 A few outdoor buffet serving tips:
* wood clothespins hold paper napkins to paper plates, preventing flyaways.
* coffee cans spray painted orange corral the flatware - 
and a rock in the bottom of them keeps them from tipping over!
* empty plastic cups won't fly away if you display them in a tin can with a rock in the bottom!

An easy bar setup includes ideas for serving drinks: 
* Bottles of flavored seltzer water are presented on ice in a galvanized bucket,
ready to mix with wine or spirits for a cool drink.
* Orange, mint, and lemon thyme-flavored water dispenses from a glass jar,
raised up on wire baskets that coordinate with the galvanized theme.
* Margarita mix and tequila stand at the ready corralled in an orange basket,
along with drink stirrers & glass markers.
* Ice is served from a vintage galvanized ice cream maker!
* Tangerines are served up for snacking or squeezing into margaritas .

Find two more colorful Cinco de Mayo party themes in my last post!

Whatever color your Cinco de Mayo celebration is, Enjoy!
"No Siesta - Let's Fiesta!"

More May decor inspiration on Pinterest!

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  1. I love pops of orange, especially the rusty kind! ;-)
    Happy 5th, my friend!