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Mother's Day Breakfast at Tiffany's

In my last post, I said 'not everyone can afford to buy a gem from the jewelers for Mom'...
However, we can create a sparkling setting inspired by Tiffany & Co. Jewelers for Mom!

This Mother's Day tablescape was inspired by something very dear to me:
a gift from a very special friend.
Sweet Fran gave me the only Tiffany blue box I've ever received...
you can read more about that on my personal blog if you'd like to.

That special blue box and my Mom's love of the color aqua inspired me
to create a lovely setting for a Mother's Day brunch to share with you.
And what else can I call it but
'Breakfast at Tiffany's'?!
The combination of Tiffany blue (pale Robin's Egg), white, and sparkling crystals & rhinestones
shines against the contrast of a deep green vine wall in the garden.
My own Tiffany Blue Box serves as the main focal point, 
and layered vintage linens bring to mind white clouds against a blue sky.

The blue painted bench is something I recently created...
you'll see the 'how-to' for it in an upcoming Summer post! 

A mix of fresh and silk flowers spill from the Tiffany Blue Box, 
on a white ceramic pedestal topped with a plate to add height to the tablescape.

[ I bought that urn/pedestal for five bucks to make a Snowman on...
when that Snowman didn't sell, I took it off and kept the base.
It comes in handy for so many uses, I'm keeping it!]

The aqua glass candle holders are my Mom's, 
and I bling-ed them up for this setting by simply draping sparkling crystals on them -
two are necklaces, one is a tree ornament. 
Placing the votive in a glass votive cup inside these vessels keeps the heat away from the jewelry, 
and also makes the glass holders easier to keep clean.

White dinnerware on a lace-patterned resin charger
is simply topped with a take-home gift of an aqua blue container of loose-leaf tea.
Pale blue linen napkins and silver flatware finish the look,
along with some European-style wine glasses 
that pay homage to Mom's royal position with their embossed crowns:
[ Stella Rosa logo glasses from the San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles ]

 Napkins tuck into the coffee / tea cup handle, 
along with a stirring spoon tied with a pretty ribbon.

The napkin holders in the second image above are plastic cookie cutters.
Yes, really!

I found a baggie of these swirly blue designs at the thrift store for a dollar...
And you know I love using cookie cutters for MUCH more than making cookies!

I tucked them into a pretty white planter to add more color to this scene, 
and also tied a few to blue ribbons along with crystals, and suspended them from the vine wall.
If there had been a chandelier overhead, I would have hung them from it... with more crystals.

Of course, the gifts for Mom are color-coordinated to the setting!
Pale blue ribbons, tissue and boxes pair with crisp white containers
and become part of the decor.
[ You don't need REAL Tiffany Blue Boxes, you know...
spray paint white boxes and add lettering with a thin marker for the same effect! ]

 The boxes hold lovely little sentimental presents...
the necklace was made by Rita Reade of Mammabellarte, 
and the china cup belonged to my grandma Rissia when she was a girl.

This fragrant gardenia bloom is in honor of my Grandma Margie Ward.
It was her favorite flower...and the scent makes me stop in my tracks and think of her.

A few more simple ideas in blue...
A ceramic swan planter (that used to be peach - ugh!) holds ice and small bottled beverages.
Vintage bottles make perfect single-bloom vases, and can be taken home by guests.

I hope this setting inspires you to pull together meaningful and beautiful 'everyday' items
[ though I DO realize that a Tiffany & Co. box is NOT an everyday item for most of us! ]
to create a special event for your Mom!

... hopefully, Moms everywhere will be feeling a bit like Holly Golightly:

More May decor inspiration on Pinterest!

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  1. Not a blue person but this looks so nice. And love the wine glasses. We have been going to San Antonio Winery for decades..and was going next week to buy 2 cases for a 80th party. Now I think some of these glasses will come home with me too! Thanks for sharing the beautiful table setting.
    Barbara Ann
    Www.etsy.com / shop / barbaraannscreations