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Into the Pale : A Neutral Palette

vintage antique repurposed neutral decor
I've heard a lot of people saying the same thing lately...
"Once the tree and the holiday decor comes down, it looks so EMPTY!"
Well, maybe I'm weird, but I kinda' LIKE the cleared-out spaces!

To me, this is the perfect time of year to do a nice, thorough cleaning
and a refresh of our rooms so that we start the new year with a 'clean palette'.

I took that idea to the nth degree this year

and pulled all of the orange accent color OUT of the house.
I packed it up and put it away, leaving only the neutral background - 
and the result is a soft, cozy, warm, 'cashmere' feeling in the house!
It's perfect for winter, and a nice visual rest from all of the holiday excess.

and the best part? it wasn't even hard to do...

click 'continue reading' for the before and after!

You've seen photos of the coat rack made from an antique porch post in our entry - 
below, take a look at the huge difference that removing the pop of color made:
vintage antique repurposing
The space looks and feels brighter and bigger now, 
and it literally cost me nothing but about half an hour to make the change -
I just 'shopped the house' and used what I already had on hand.

I've worked my way through the rest of the house since then, 

'neutralizing' the rooms and creating a warm vanilla atmosphere everywhere.
There's one final detail that Mom and I are working on this week,
and once it's in place, I'll share some 'room shots' with you!
In the meantime, remember that it's not always big projects that make an impact.
Something as simple as removing color - or ADDING color - can revitalize your home.
It's a perfectly 'fast, cheap & easy'TM way to start the new year!

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