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Pop! Fizz! Clink!

It's almost here - are you ready for the toasts?!

With the help of my friend Scott Carlson, wine specialist for BevMo
I'd like to share some helpful info to make your night the BUBBLIEST!

Continue Reading for some sparkling tips...
What's the difference between Champagne and Sparking Wine? 

Champagne is effervescent wine made from chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier grapes,
in a process known as 'methode Champenoise'.
The only wine of this kind that can be called Champagne 
comes from the Champagne region of France
- less than one twelfth of the sparkling wine in the world.
Champagne was popularized by Benedictine Monk Dom Perignon, 
who described it as 'I am drinking stars!'

Sparkling Wine is exactly the same - only its not made in Champagne, France.
It's made in many countries around the world, also using the 'methode Champenoise':
In America and Australia, it's Sparkling Wine.
In Spain, it's Cava. 
In Italy, it's Prosecco and Asti.
In France, outside of the Champagne region, it's Cre'mant

Why are there different types - and what do they mean?

A bit of sugar known as 'dosage' is added to the bottle right before it's corked, 
and these terms describe exactly how much sugar went in... more sugar = sweeter 

 'Brut' or 'Natural'= dry . No perceptible sweetness, very acidic.
'Extra Dry'= sweeter than brut. A touch of sweetness softens the acidic levels.
'Sec' = this French word for dry actually indicates a sweeter-than-extra-dry sparkling wine.
'Demi Sec' = a fully sweet sparkling wine, usually served with dessert.
Prosecco and Asti / Asti Spumante are the lightest, fruitiest, sweetest versions of sparkling wine.

What's the difference between 'regular' and 'pink' champagnes & sparkling wines?

Blanc De Blanc...'white of white' is made from chardonnay and any other white grapes.
(the Champagne version is made strictly from chardonnay grapes) 
Blanc De Noir...'white of red' is made from pinot noir and/or pinot meunier black grapes.
Rose' or Pink Sparkling is made by adding red still wine to regular white sparkling.

How is it best served?

Sparkling wine should be served VERY cold - 39 to 44 degrees.
Champagne should be served Cold - 43 to 48 degrees.
Vintage Champagne should be served a bit warmer - 46 to 51 degrees.

How do you chill sparkling wine and Champagne?

Place the bottle in a mixture of ice and cold water for 15-20 minutes,
or if you have more time, chill on it's side in the fridge for 3-4 hours.
DON'T put your bubbly in the freezer! It's said to kill the wine's effervescence!

How do you drink it?

In a flute, a saucer, a shoe, or even with a straw - but always with friends and a smile! ;) 

Whatever you are pouring on New Years' Eve,
I wish you a safe, happy, BUBBLY 2017!

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