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Simple Winter Table

winter, for me, is all about sparkle and texture.
rough with smooth, crystal with wood, tarnished silver with crisp white.
mixing it up wherever i can brings a warmth and comfort to the 'bareness' of rooms
after the holiday overload is gone...

my winter color / texture palette this year is
white, crystal, rough wood, and glowing copper.

the simple tablesetting here shows yet ANOTHER way that i use an everyday item:
my standard white ceramic dishes.
you've seen them oh, about a million times here on the blog - 
i do that purposefully, to show you how
a very BASIC item can be re-imagined and presented in fresh ways each season.

continue reading for more details!

that copper charger under the plates? it was orange plastic.
the two ceramic candleholders were orange, too.
five minutes with a spray can of copper metallic paint, and they fit right in!

the centerpiece is a collection of candles in thrifted clear glass vases + candlestands, 
a few wrapped in sweater remnants for visual interest.
i mixed in some faceted copper glass ornaments (not just for Christmas - or trees!),
and some clear crystal snowflakes to evoke a wintery mood.

(even though it's not remotely winter-y here. a girl can dream, right?!)

i love this look on my whitewashed wood farmhouse table
with a copper plant marker as a placecard because it's fun AND copper.
(we actually use them as cheese markers when we entertain)
and yes i know the flatware is a buncha' weird pieces... but that PATINA is so perfect!

btw... i share this basic idea so you can be inspired to do it in YOUR home:
you could combine white with silver, replacing the copper.
you could add more texture by making the runner rough burlap instead of linen. 
you could keep everything white and clear, and use dishes in a color.
use mine as inspiration and take it from there!

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  1. What a pretty 'wintry'setting. I can certainly send a little winter your way---would love to deliver a few semis full of snow to you! Have a great week- xo Diana

    1. goodness, Miss Diana, I wish you COULD! I miss snow. I miss rain. at this point, I even miss humidity! I really remember why it was that I left California and moved north to Seattle all those years ago... I wanted precipitation! LOL

  2. Love that copper! I never have a chance to set a table like this, but I sure do love seeing it !