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Ready to ReDecorate!

rustic industrial farmhouse salvaged home decor
it's a new year, and new things are soon to be 'in store'!

this new year has me filled with new energy... how about you?!
i've had a bit of recalculation in my head about what i want / need hwF to be,
and much of that is coming from the responses that the shop and merchandise in it
have been getting from you - my readers and customers (my HOMEees!)

* i watch what you click 'like' or 
♥ and comment on, both here and on social media.
* i take into account what posts are getting views, and from where.
*i notice what you've been pinning and re-pinning from the blog and my boards.
* i keep an eye on what is selling in the shop - and what isn't -
and i have been asking myself one very simple question:
 "if this thing doesn't sell, would i put it in MY home?"
sometimes, the answer is a resounding 'nope'. and i'm not okay with that.

i loved my initial concept for the homewardFOUND blog AND shop - 
but it doesn't fit anymore. it's not where i am going personally, or as a designer.
so, i'm gonna' change it all up!

<< click 'continue reading' to see what's coming!

you may have noticed that i've already started 'redecorating' around here...
rustic industrial farmhouse salvaged restoration home decor
you see the crisp clean new logo i've designed and am using... that was step one. 
you've seen the new style of photos i'm creating in my recent posts, 
and there will be many photos of new projects, tutorials, and ideas to come.
(they'll still be affordable, and do-able, and seasonal. just.... a lot classier.)
some posts will be primarily images, while others will have more details + info.

very soon i'll be undertaking a total rehab of the store space itself, giving it a whole new look, 
then i'll fill it with exciting new products.
and yes, i AM considering offering some items in an online shop!
i haven't worked all of that out yet, but after i get the 'real' shop in Room #1 squared away,
i'll have time to do more. so hang in there!

i'm committed to curating this endeavor to reflect my design aesthetic clearly, to
- as i have been telling my retail design clients for three decades - 'tell my own story'.
my goal is that these platforms will enable me to share my design perspective, 
in hopes that the simple sensibility that inspires ME will inspire YOU. 

it's just gonna' be from my heart. and homewardFOUND is going to reflect that.
rustic industrial farmhouse salvaged home decor
i'm not jumping on a trend or bandwagon - 
i'm returning to the aesthetic that i have lived with for over 20 years.
one that was the foundation of the vintage home decor business that i previously had. 
one that reflects my love of natural elements, texture, neutral tones, architectural salvage,
celebrating the seasons, and making old things beautiful by honoring their imperfections.
(i'm trying to do that with MYSELF, too ;) ) 

i've been refining my ideas for this over the past month,
along with getting some really SOLID advice from a few generous friends
(blogging professionals, vintage industry titans, creative icons).
i've worked on focusing my pinterest boards, ig feeds, and have begun to 'clean up' old blog posts.
(and MAN, i have a lotta' blog posts! this is gonna' take awhile.....)

it's all just getting started, and i like where it's going! i hope you do, too.
stay tuned for lots of fresh new things from homewardFOUND - 
and i thank you from the depths of my constantly-evolving home decor lovin' heart, for being here with me. 
rustic industrial farmhouse salvaged home decor

now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go make space in my studio for all this cool stuff!


  1. I will be anxious to see what changes you make. Sometimes it is good to just wipe the slate clean and start over ---OR--- go back to our original roots and the things that really connected us to others. Good luck, Deb. xo Diana

    1. thank you for your encouragement, Miss Diana! it's really been a process of defining + refining - something that's affecting all of the various parts of my life. it's even affecting my hair color! LOL and like that process (of going from deep auburn to the golden blonde that i loved so many years ago) it's something that has unfolded step by step. i'm 'lightening up' in SO many areas of my life, that it's bound to affect my business and online presence, as well. i'm excited to find that the aesthetic that i have loved for a large part of my life is still relevant - to me, and hopefully to my faithful readers and friends like you! - and that i didn't 'lose' that part of me in all of the chaos, after all. ♥

  2. Your post is so timely for me.
    Just last night hunny bunny and I were discussing what direction to go in 2018. With selling vintage and our personal goals.
    All trying to work within the know things we can't change. Like son's & sisters weddings.
    Do I add another show to our weekends, do I try to sell in a shop again?
    Before January is over, and this year gets away from us, we'll make some hard decisions.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. i hear you, Miss Barbara... it is never easy to make those kinds of decisions because we never know what the year will bring. you know i've been there several times! ;) it's a risk, a leap of faith, a chance anytime we put ourselves out there in a new way, or make a change. we just have to give it our best and expect to learn something in the process! i wish you both much success no matter what your decisions are. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts <3