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Welcome 2018 with a Junk Wreath!

2018: project one!
i took down the holiday decor in our entryway and needed to replace it...
admittedly, i've been too busy to even PLAN anything for that area.
but a quick look at what wreaths were on hand turned up two bare reed circles,
and that was all the inspiration that i needed!

tied together with a length of twine, the two reed wreaths are more substantial
(because in art and design, repetition adds strength).
i rummaged through a box of 'odds and ends' and found a slew of things to use
to add personality and interest to the wreath...
what's on there?
there are two tarnished silver cups, some galvanized construction tape, spring, and gift tag. 
an old outdoor faucet, a wire light bulb cage, a tiny shovel, a coffee measuring spoon,
a rusty letter O, a bling-y shower curtain ring, and a champagne cork with cage.
an odd assortment, they hail from miscellaneous sources 
(my old home, my Dad's workbench, gifts from friends, flea markets)
but they all have a connection to my story - and to each other,
which shows up when they are mounted together on the wreath using more twine.

i think they look a lot like a floral arrangement, 
but that might be just my weird sense of design talking ;)
 in any case, they reflect what I think of as a 'winter palette' - 
greys, blacks, charcoals, and varying shades of brown mixed with sparkling glass.
it may not be cold here where i live, but this combination evokes a 'winter-y' mood for me!

continue reading to see where it ended up!

after I hung the wreath inside ANOTHER wreath (made from rusty barrel rings),
I added a 'welcome' sign on burlap and a few industrial-style accessories below it -
a rusty bucket with a fern, and a basket that echoes the reed wreath texture & color,
filled with an old yard tool and more wire light cages to tie it all together.

i'm contemplating adding a string of round clear white lights around the largest metal ring...
would that look like it was left over from Christmas???? 

while i am decidedly NOT a fan of our front entry
(it's long and narrow and DARK and more like a cavern than a porch -
the front door is located on the short wall to the left of this image)
there's a long wood bench on one side, providing a nice spot to accessorize each season.
so i try to make the most of it!

...and the more i think about it, the more i realize that what it REALLY needs
is a nice big white plank fence section tucked behind that bench to lighten the space up!
i'm on it - stay tuned!

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  1. Welcome to the partay, my friend! Your junk wreaths are BEAUTIFUL! I just adore your aesthetic so much!

    1. Thank you Miss Donna!!!! Your projects and link parties inspire me so much, I am happy to be back in the fray! ;)

  2. Took your Christmas wreath down, I never put one up. I did a nice floral piece in a metal container on my front door. Fall leaves, grapes, even a great thick tapestry bow and hand painted bright orange dollar store pumpkins with my favorite Sweet Peas Charm paint.
    But dang, that sucked the creative juices out of me.
    So for Christmas out went the pumpkins and in went fresh cut Christmas tree limbs from LOWE'S when we got our tree. Done & Done. The rest of the front porch got decorated, hubby even bought a tree from the thrift store and put it out. But the front door was sacrificed so other could be decorated!

    1. LOL! hey, there's no shame in doing what a girl needs to do, Miss Barbara! sounds like you came up with solutions that worked perfectly for you at a busy time of year - bravo!