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paper pumpkin art

on October 1, i FINALLY succumbed to fall and brought out my pumpkin decor!

yet there was one spot on my gallery wall that was too plain - lemme' 'splain:
a year ago, i covered an old painting with some vintage canvas,
 and have been pinning and tying things on it each season 
to coordinate with my changing decor.
(spring version in a past post here)

i stared at that empty thing for two days and had NO idea what to put on it...
until i saw a pile of scrap craft & wrapping paper in my studio.
orange paper. with polka dots and graphic lines. in varied shades. 
and then i knew what to do!

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i created panels for a wall treatment - poster board covered in book pages,
that i stapled onto a wall to appear as wallpaper.
well, because i never throw anything away, i still have them - 
and one of them was perfect as a background for this project.

i took those orange scraps of paper and cut out varying sizes + shapes of pumpkins,
then played with placement and layered them together 
on top of a piece of book-page-covered posterboard.

with a simple black thin felt tip pen, 
i added outlines and shadows and stems and details to the paper...
resulting in the effect of dimension on a flat surface:

then i pinned that posterboard onto the canvas on the wall
(so i can easily remove it when it's time for the holiday decor to go up)
 and i really like it! it's artsy and kinda' mod. different!

i like how it fits into the clean, crisp new fall gallery arrangement, too:
(see more about my FABULOUS coffee table junk makeover here!)

this project cost me NOTHING and took me only half an hour, start to finish
(time spent deliberating WHAT TO DO not included ;) )
- which is a good reminder that
decorating doesn't have to cost anything, or be a lot of work.
we can get the look we want in our homes with imagination and creative thinking!

happy fall, y'all!
yes, i DO love fall. apparently my creativity really runs rampant this time of year 
which is why i keep posting to share the fun stuff i'm making right now! LOL

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  1. It looks great and adds a nice touch of fall to your gallery wall! Love your coffee table too!

    1. thank you so much for your kind comment! yeah, that coffee table is a fave around here! ;)

  2. So sweet Deb and you're spot on. Decor doesn't have to be expensive, and when it's home made it's always more special

    1. Michele, i could not agree more! thank you for stopping in and leaving such a sweet comment <3