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junkie punkies!

some junk from my garage - hanging planter baskets and an old industrial fan - 
became 'Junkie Punkies' pumpkins for our front yard wheelbarrow display,
 with a quick spray of paint and a bit of imagination...

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* two half-round wire hanging planter baskets put together into a round,
then sprayed with 'rust' textured paint.
i used Rust-Oleum's Multicolor Texture spray paint in Rustic Umber on these,
  just as i did on the faux painted pumpkins in my last post.
i painted short curtain rods with curvy plastic finials to use as stems!

* an industrial fan from my dad's warehouse
(that i held onto for YEARS simply because of its perfectly rusty finish!)
was disassembled (NOT easy) and then given old garden hand tools as 'stems'.

they all look great together in the (really) rusty old wheelbarrow in our front yard planter,
joined by a rusty metal jack o' lantern bucket and a round pumpkin-ish shape
created by shoving a few wine barrel rings together.
(you've seen them as a wreath on the front porch in this post)
this is simply a fall display, so it doesn't have to change after October 31st - 
except to turn that jack o'lantern bucket around! 

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  1. What fun! I love to see unusual thing repurposed in unexpected ways. Perfect!!!! xo Diana

    1. i know, it's a sickness... i just can't seem to use things the way they were intended to be used!!! LOL. so nice to 'see' you, Miss Diana - thank you for your kind comment.